Sunday, May 8, 2011

Impeach Obama for the Osama Drama

                The more they try to fabricate proof to say we really killed Osama Bin Laden. The more the President digs a deeper hole he may not be able to get out of. This phony raid and doctored photos and videos proves of high crimes in the White House. If we as a nation are going to restore any credibility in the eyes of the world and prove we mean business as a people. We have to move on impeachment and seek criminal charges of all members in the White House who were complicit in this hoax.
               Congress must draft articles of impeachment now. The corruption in this administration to use the office for political gain staging events that never happened to advance an agenda. From the latest Osama Drama to gain political capital to operation gun runner as a false flag attack on the second amendment to advance gun control. The world lost confidence in us.For the dignity as a nation who was a beacon to the world at one time now has become a laughing stock of the world and a threat to world peace.
                The Osama Drama should be the straw that broke the camels back in this nation. The President has committed fraud with this latest fiasco. This was a fraud brought upon the nation to steal our freedom to justify a bigger police state.He has been culpable in the cover up of the Gulf oil spill and operation gun runner ordering the BATFE running guns to Mexican drug cartels to inflame border violence to attack our right to keep and bear arms. We must remove this fraud from office before he takes down this nation. This latest lie saying he captured and Killed Osama Bin Laden shows he has committed a fraud on the American people. Because of this he wants to empower homeland security with more draconian measures and the TSA to move beyond the airports to shopping centers to grope us so we can buy a gallon of milk at the local supermarket.This is abuse of power for the sake of grabbing more power. For this offense. President Obama should be impeached and removed from office.The question is does congress have the moral and political will to follow through?


  1. Sure, as if Congress, or even "we the people" at large, are any different. American life is saturated with lies and hypocrisy in every little aspect, and the government is nothing but its adequate representation. If you want to end with POTUS lying to the nation, start with reading sales literature of your own company.

  2. Impeachment is a ridiculous process not capable of addressing the problem with the urgency it obviously requires.

    Our collective Kenyan mistake, Emperor Cuckoo, needs to have the men with the white coats come and drag him out of the White House and put him in the nut-house where he belongs.

    We don't just need strict verification of citizenship for elective office, we also all-too-obviously need mandatory drug testing for these fruitcakes.

    Obama is off his rocker -NUTTIER THAN A FRUITCAKE.

    This is a dangerous turn of events for the world, and an absurdly dangerous calamity -for the country- as we are struggling to cope with economic depression.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  3. The higher he raises, the stronger the fall.

  4. Dear shithead: if 0BL is alive, he'd just have to put out a video holding today's newspaper to prove he was alive, and destroy BH0.

    I suppose you want the long form death certificate?

    Because let's face it: Cocksuckers like you won't believe videos even if you see them.

    Personally, I'd try BH0 for murder, and drop him off next to his buddy. Trash X 2.

  5. dear shitlips. if hes been dead for years, he cant hold a paper. and the rais was bullshit.

    longform death certificate, dna autopsy... ANYTHING.. but no evidence at all.

    go back to your cumgarling you gormless shill