Sunday, May 8, 2011

Herman Cain is the Trojan Horse Phony Tea Party Candidate.Not the Real Dark Horse Candidate We Hope For.

             I watched the GOP Presidential debate on Fox News and can tell you it was in your face from the Rockefeller Neo Conservative Wing of the Republican Party. I abandoned the Republican Party back in 2008 because they do not speak for the people anymore. It does not matter if it is Republican or Democrat. They are the right and left wing of the same bird of prey. Last Thursday night debate in South Carolina drawn the lines in who is who in the GOP zoo. We seen the libertarian, the Big Government conservatives we call RINOs and the phony dark horse candidate named Herman Cain. This candidate is a Trojan Horse and not the Dark Horse Candidate.
           Herman Cain was the CEO of the restaurant chain known as Godfathers Pizza. That is what the public knows about Herman. He was also on the board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.Now we see there is more to Herman many do not know.Herman says there is no need to audit the Federal Reserve Bank. The source of all the economic troubles and culprit of hyperinflation. Herman was put in place to drown out Ron Paul's message of sound money and going back to the Constitution. Herman did not speak up about the issue of torture and  shown no leadership qualities. This man is just as much a phony conservative as Sean Hannidy is.
           I learned many years ago one thing about eloquence and flattery of politicians speaking from the podium.It does not mean nothing.Speeches do not create jobs or create wealth. Actions by true public servants and strong moral leadership reforms a nation for the better. If Speeches ever had an effect on fixing the nation.We all have a house with a turkey in every pot. In my opinion.Most politicians are professional con artist. If Bullshit was money and many of the politicians are full of it. The 14 trillion dollar national debt be paid off.
         Fox news pulling a fast one using actors to tout Herman Cain as the winner. I smell a rat because Herman did not do all that well as they portray it to really be. Herman Cain was made the winner because the old line neo conservatives,pro torture,support Israel and warmongers are losing credibility. With former Senator Rick Santorum and Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty on the stage. This really shows the message of the phony pro war on terror for Israel and big government conservatism does not appeal the voters anymore. Herman was placed in the Presidential field for one reason top take votes away from Congressman  Ron Paul and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who are more pro freedom and less government world view that poses a real threat to the party establishment entrenched in the GOP.
         Beware of Herman Cain. He is not a real conservative or a libertarian. He is not the dark horse candidate as fox news says. He is a Trojan Horse candidate giving us more of the same we been seeing for decades. Last Primary Election the news was fabricating the artificial rise of John McCain when his campaign was floundering with no support. I do not see them trying to pull it off again with Newt Gingrich.Mitt Romney or with Michael Huckabee fabricating their ascension like they did for Sen John McCain.This is why Herman Cain is running for president because the same old loser candidates this time might not be so lucky as they were in the past because everyone sees through it. Lets not get burned again. I had enough of the Cains.I do not care if it is John McCain or Herman Cain. Neither is what the country needs.

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  1. I will not vote for him. I find it suspicious in itself the Tea Party is actually succumbing to the false clams of bigotry they have to feel full throttle and rush supporting a black presidential candidate when far over a year. There is also a lot of media coverage on Herman Cain even by democrat controlled NBC,CNBC, MSNBC,ABC and CNN media as if they want him to be the front runner. All the fake Tea Party Sites Support him too makes it obvious this guy is a Tea Party Plant by the corrupt elite establishment of both (D) & (R) The Marxist running the United States government now.