Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If Bin Laden is Dead"Get your Hands Out of My Pants and Out of My Life!"

               All this War on Terror is just an attack on my freedom. They used the fable of a man dead for years to justify all these draconian laws against us. The only attacks against us that happened by our own government.When President Bush said on Sept. 11,2001 "Freedom was attacked".It was assaulted. not by people with long beard in caves in the mountains of Tora Bora in Afghanistan .It was attacked by politicians in Washington DC with the Patriot act,The Creation of the Transportation Security Administration,The Military Commissions Act and the Formation of the Department of Homeland Security.
                Since President Obama claimed that he killed Osama Bin Laden . Does that mean the war on Terror is over? Will the TSA now be dismantled?Will now the the Department of Homeland security now will start or phase itself out? When the renewal of the Patriot act comes before congress again.What will be the justification be for keeping the law on the books? Will the warrantless wiretaps on phones cease? Will the no fly list be eliminated? I do not see the government backing off getting into our lives and stealing our liberties.Since they claimed to kill Bin Laden. Now they have four more villains who are OBL second in command to be scared of.
                 The government will claim Al Quada number one,two and three are at large ready to set off a nuke here. That is why they need to go after our guns and attack our rights to free speech. If we speak out against the Administration's policies or question the undeclared wars overseas. We are with Al Quada if we dare question or exercise our rights. If Osama Bin Laden is dead. Can we have reprieve from the phantom national security threats? The truth is for many decades since the war powers act was passed into law. The US Government has become crisis junkies. If there is no national crisis. They will make one up or create one. If there is nothing wrong with something. They will find something wrong even if they have to break it to justify a crisis.
                 Now since OBL is no longer the villain they can use. They need new enemies. We are the enemies now.We are the threat to national security.They ran out of enemies abroad and need new ones to justify its existence . So it is us now. We are now the excuse to keep the police state in place. If we want to end the fed and want our country back.They will use the word fringe domestic terrorist or extremest to keep all these draconian laws in place long after Osama is gone.This is our opportunity to expose this war on terror is really a war on freedom so they can be in our lives and in our pants. Without a crisis or a bogeyman.A police state is very hard to justify.


  1. Very good...
    Unfortunately the 'birthers' will continue with thier temper tantrum distraction to keep this REAL issue from ever reaching the masses.
    It cannot be emphasized enough. Get the knowledge of this fraud to the commoners. The evidence is their but they must be awakened from their stupor.
    The birth certificate issue is NOT important.
    Our freedoms ARE.
    Should the BC ever be proven false and Obama leaves the office, the tyranny will continue. The lies will continue, and so will the fable about Osama bin Laden.
    Get the word out and stifle yourselves when it co=mes to the BC. Stop your crying!

  2. Well written and to the point.
    Unfortunately, the 'common' person would rather be entertained by the birther's distraction, and if not that .... it'll be some reality t.v. program that has little to do with the reality of the state of our country and freedoms being lost.
    I hold out no hope for the citizens of the country to come together in a united front to stop the Orwellian future unfolding in front of us.

  3. And haven't they already killed Al Queda number two about a thousand times??!

  4. great piece,thanks for the free speech opp.
    HOchemen or something like that said
    "A mouse CAN kill an elephant,if he bites him everyday"
    There is a bill in Austin by a repug BUT Ron Paul likes it,so maybe it could actually be pushed thru,even thou Im sure it was not intended to become law.The bill is 2 make crotch groping a felony! HOOORAY