Monday, May 9, 2011

Secessionist Starts the No Confidence Vote Movement in Texas

Gerry Donaldson Draw a Line

                It has been the hope of patriots everywhere that our public servants would finally push to start restoring our government back to its intended boundaries and restore all the unalienable rights that have been infringed upon by successive generations of politicians who have overstepped their boundaries. Unfortunately, we have seen no such efforts.
Regardless of the campaign rhetoric or promises of "adhering to the Constitution," we are seeing the agenda of globalists and the military/industrial complex steadily increasing.  In addition, the pace of violations has escalated.
  • The economy is imploding.
  • Unemployment is back on the rise. (45 Million on Food Stamps)
  • Oil prices are on the increase.
  • There are serious threats to our Food supply.
  • The world economic system is falling apart.
  • Police-State measures are exploding with invasions of privacy and increased threats to our gun ownership.
Where will it stop?
               We have recognized that no longer can we expect changes from the ballot box.  It is too late for that.  We are being dragged down to the point where we become a third-world country and the future of ourselves and our children are devastated. We must act, as our founders did, and remove ourselves from the diseased infestation called Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas. We must reassert our independence in a vote of no confidence by the people so that we might begin setting up a stable, independence-minded republic again.  We must clear the slate and re-form our own government and assert our individual sovereignty.
Forward this site on to all of your friends, family, and neighbors.  Check back regularly as we will be holding a convention of delegates from all over Texas to draft a vote of no confidence.  This is the only way we can rid ourselves of the elected officials who refuse to act in our behalf and in compliance with their Oath of Office!


  1. I WISH that this had a chance of working.
    I wish for a TEXAS free from :Foreign people living here on our soil and on our taxes,our jobs,our low income services,our charities and our churches who pay no part,no tax.
    I wish for a TEXAS free from rigged elections and gross misconduct by the state.
    I wish TEXAS had never joined the so called UNION.
    I wish TEXAS was free from carpetbaggers and scum like BUSH.
    I wish TEXAS had ligitimate voters not minorities and foreigners voting for their masters and wages,jobs, ect but instead voting to make TEXAS BETTER!
    NEVER HAPPEN sorry texas is MEXAS and the blacks run the place maybe after the mex fight the blacks TEXAS can reconstitute itself.

  2. As far as I am concerned, let Texas go. We don't need such ignorant people associated with a country as great as the United States.

    Most people in Texas have no idea how bad off they would be without the United States, so let them go. Stupidity is not what I value in America; Texas and most of the Southern States are the poster children for stupidity and Racism.

    The rest of the United States would be MUCH better off if Texas just dried up and blew away in the wind.

    It is time to take a stand against ignorance, stupidity and Racism. Three things that Texas and Texans excel at.

    Good riddance. In my mind Texas cannot go quick enough or far enough away from the rest of us decent and upstanding people who have made a great country that Texas has exploited and continuously ridicules. Texas is a bad joke to the rest of the United States and the world. But because of the rampant ignorance in Texas they think they are actually worth something to the rest of us. NOT.

    Texas, GO AWAY and take all your idiots with you. Especially the last president

  3. To anonymous....When you and your children are slaves remember this.

    Are you from Chicago?

  4. Geez anonymous 2.. Where did you go to school at?
    NWO University? I suppose that you really don't
    know much about Texas? Ever lived here? Racism
    is non existent for the most part. We have a
    broad spectrum of people of all races and colors.
    When was the last time you heard of a racist
    incident in Texas? Ignorance? Just what is it
    that we ignore? YOU perhaps, and rightly so.
    Stupidity? Hmm. Based on? I think our economy
    is much stronger than most states in the
    country. We probably have more innovation
    and common sense than most down here.
    And as for the last President.. Who voted him
    in? Y'all did.. Just remember that. And let us
    examine the current President and all of his
    wonders? High unemployment.. Tangled up now
    in three wars or is it four if you consider
    our incursions into Pakistan and Libya? So
    your warmonger isn't doing any better. Housing
    dropping out worse than ever. Gas prices
    skyrocketing.. National debt skyrocketing.
    Unemployment as high as it could be.. Okay
    I digress on your hero, he is doing a great job!

    Texas has the most friendly people in the world.
    Just because some Texans are not sheeple, and
    want to go along with your NWO, doesn't mean
    that you have to badmouth the State does it? Trust in this though. We are happy to accept your condemnation, and we are also very pleased that you are not part of Texas. All we can say
    to you is.. MMMMMMMmmmm God Bless Texas!

  5. Being a neighbor of Texas it may be the one thing that I have to envy Texas for.


  6. Well if Texas does leave the union then watch out, they will most likely send you a bill for your part of the national debt, payable on demand, and send Spike and the Bruiser to collect of you fail to pay.

  7. The south shall rise again, and all will be restored when Texas stands as a republic once more.

  8. Rise up Southerners and we will kickass like my great grandfather did in the civil war to save the Union. Texas and Pakistan blood brothers it seems. one had Osama the other had a bin laden blood brother named bush. Hey go ahead elect Georgie as your president and watch him invade America. He will probably invade Oklahoma which is supposed to be a Native American state anyway..

  9. Secession is inevitable. It is ultimately the only way for states to get out from under the mountain of federal debt. That debt is unpayable and efforts to put off the default will give us hyperinflation.

    Secession is not only inevitable, it is desirable.

  10. Anon 4, did you read the first post? Rasism is non-excistant for the most part? Yea, except for the first post are showing just how intelligent texans realy are.....NOT

  11. Lol It's hilarious that "Anonymous" said,"Texas, GO AWAY and take all your idiots with you. Especially the last president." Well if you aren't the most stupid and ignorant person I've ever seen, George Walker Bush was born in New Haven Connecticut and spent only a few years of his childhood in Texas before going on to Phillips Andover Academy for high school in Massachusetts,and then going on to Yale and Harvard. He was quoted as being," Out of touch with rural Texans," I'm sure a number of times. Also he moved back into Texas from around 1968, at which time was AWOL from his post with the Air National Guard, later went to Harvard for his MBA in '73. Then in 1988, he moved his family to D.C. And you want to berate people before you even know the facts, Nice try Anonymous, but try again. He's no Texan at all.

  12. Secession happens all the time: divorce, grown kids leaving home, ending citizenship in one country and taking up citizenship in another one, to say nothing of the Soviet bloc's collapse in 1989-91.

    Secession is perfectly natural.

    I've done it myself.

  13. No kidding to compare Texas and Bush is like comparing Obama and Illinois. Bush was from CT, and Osbama well we are still waiting to see on that one. I have spent much time in Texas, and aside from the crazy drivers, in Laredo, that are mostly mexican, I give it a hell ya. I remember thinking damn,if we are ever to get a revolution to roll, Texas just might be the place to start it at. There are many stand up people, and many veterans in Texas, and the ones I talked too have had it with this govt.

  14. Some coward said: "I wish TEXAS had ligitimate voters not minorities and foreigners voting for their masters and wages,jobs, ect but instead voting to make TEXAS BETTER!"

    YOU are what is wrong with this state, your bigoted and self-righteous views are an anathema to freedom. Texas is NOT the playground of white religious elitists, it is home to hundreds of thousands of people of ALL races, cultures, nationalities. YOU do not WANT a free nation. YOU do not deserve to live in Texas OR the U.S.. YOU are what makes this place hell on earth for all of us who do not surrender to your bigoted views, who are the wrong color, who do not follow your god, and who do not kiss the feet of your greedy, warmongering leadership.

    I am NOT anonymous. My name is TED GRESHAM and I will forever stand against bigoted, racial, hateful speech.