Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Debt Ceiling Must Not Be Raised

                The leadership in both parties do not understand.We can not borrow anymore to fund the government. We can not print our way out of this mess either. How the government keeps its books accounting how they spend our tax dollars.This is how the people of ENRON were convicted. One of the reasons was deceptive bookkeeping practices concealing their debt and liabilities. It is time the US government get its books in order as they demand other people to do. They sent people to jail for minor bookkeeping errors that never amounted to being criminal.Any rational person knows they can not keep going into debt to fund a lifestyle that is beyond what they take in.
                 The US Government is no different. We the people want to take away the power to borrow from congress.The biggest reason is because this out of control spending is hurting the dollar and putting a stranglehold on the economy. The reason is we are facing hyperinflation is because this President has wants to expand the government way beyond what past administrations have done. The US government is the only employer that is hiring now.Government does not produce anything as value. The government only produces anxiety and headaches. It become a useless bloated monster that does more harm than good.
                 Now it is time for the congress to get a backbone and say "NO" to anymore debt. The national debt has almost went past the Gross National Product. We can not afford to pay the interest on the debt.The debt is becoming unaffordable to keep up on the interest payments. Foreign countries now hold our debt like China and a handful of other nations.  I do not want to be a salve to the lenders. I do not want to pay for anymore bailouts. I do not want to pay for anymore corporate welfare or subsidize any more military deployments to suppress sovereign nations. I do not want to go into debt to be groped at the airport. I definitely do not want to pay for a congress and a President that will not listen to the will of the people.
                 The debt ceiling must not be raised.We did not consent to this debt.We never consented Hillery Clinton leveraging u or our property to China as collateral on the debt so they can keep borrowing. For the Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner demanding congress borrow more money. I say to Congress and the Secretary."Hell No!" We are not paying for Obamacare or any big spending government endeavors anymore. It is time for the government scale back and live within its means. For all of us who barely making it to keep a roof over our heads. We are not going into debt.Most of us are paying off our debt and not taking on anymore commitments that require credit. The government should do the same. We will not accept anymore new taxes either if congress can not borrow to fund its pet projects.
                  The best way to avert the worst of hyperinflation is no more borrowing. The Federal Reserve turning off the printing presses to fund the government.   If the government shuts down or threatens to hold our soldiers hostage not paying them if we do not give this lawless administration what it wants. Not next time never. We will not fall for that tactic again and compromise.Next time just fund the troops and the border patrol.This when Boehner will know who is boss. Not his bankers who contributed to his reelection. It is the consent of the governed that will have the final say if Washington likes it or not.

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  1. Well said Mate, And I live half a planet away in Australia and can see what is if 300 million people there agreed with you the issue would be over