Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Might have to Boycott Google Over Suppressing TSA Scandels

               The search term "6 year old groped "was blocked. We all know our tax money is being used by the Transportation Security Administration to suppress bad publicity. We can see the TSA payed off Google to suppress the truth. British Petroleum payed Google to buy keywords to keep the truth what was really happening on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. This was done after the deep water horizon spilled millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. BP thinking in buying keywords. They could keep the real news from getting out would work. It was fruitless. The truth still prevailed.
               Now the TSA is paying Google to suppress search terms about the TSA. This agency recent scandal was a 6 year old girl getting groped that really has the public up in anger over this abuse. Not only that piece of bad publicity they want to keep quiet. Also TSA workers stealing cash and other valuables from people's luggage. Among all the scandals. We should not tolerate to funding of our tax money to hide the truth from the public. We need to tell Google no more aiding and abetting corruption of the government or a major corporate giants. What Google does for the TSA. We all go to jail giving aid and comfort evading the police when someone has a bench warrant for not paying a parking ticket.
               I am not saying boycott Google. To each their own.We should let them know this. We are not happy about what they are doing. We should never be afraid to stand up for ethical practices to this internet giant.If we stay silent. Google will become a bigger propaganda machine swallowing up the internet as we know it. Google should not be in the business of giving aid and comfort to criminal activity anymore. Allowing the buying of keywords for propaganda purposes is unethical .We need to tell Google no more.Google has been a vehicle that we use everyday in our research and finding information.It has some good purposes we all still benefit from. We still have to let Google know in a loud and clear message. We will not tolerate censorship in search engines. No more accepting funds covering up corruption and Google might go to court being charged for aiding in abetting if they keep this practice up.


  1. Isn't it funny.

    Google blocks the search term "6 year old groped". Why? The probable excuse muttered will be 'child porn laws' or some such.

    And yet, that's what we witnessed in the video. Little girl getting groped. If the same government that passes child porn laws creates agencies that does things, by standard procedure and by the book, that constitute child porn ... well, then that government is breaking its own laws.

    All that's left to say is: Remember the Franklin Scandal!

  2. I'm waiting for a defense attorney try to get his child molester client off with the argument that it's the same thing the government does every day. Equal protection under the law and all that.

  3. I got the article by typing "TSA 6" and one of the suggestions was "TSA 6 year old". If I type the full phrese "TSA six year old groped", it doesn't try to auto-complete, but still brings up the same results as the first try, with the top hit being

    But them I'm accessing from a server in Germany.

  4. I thought the 6 year old groped search item was to limited. I put in 6 year old girl groped and it popped right up.

  5. You should ALREADY be boycotting GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, YAHOO ....... they all recieved money from the CIA for their "developement" and feed information back constantly. Someone could do a service and start "vetting" ALL computer service providers for "cleanliness".

  6. See, this is why 'conspiracy theories' get a bad name. Anyone coming here could do what I did... put the term into google and try it.

    I did and got about 1,310,000 results. No blocking AT ALL.

    So much for your reliability...

  7. I had no problem searching Google maybe they changed their minds and are now allowing it. It may have been an error and was blocked unintentionally thinking there were suddenly millions of perverts looking for a 6 yr old.

  8. One out of every 10 men is a pedophile. Scary really. Search for yourself.

  9. DO NOT FLY!!!! We are being programmed, molested and shot with dangerous xrays to condition us for the facist state we are fast becoming. Stand up people and get our freedom back!

  10. May be they heard the complaints of realman and other vigilant bloggers. I just googled "6 year old groped" and got 1.28 million hits.

    One explanation is that realman may have made an honest mistake, type-o or whatever.

    Another I could think of is that we are being monitored so closely that sites like ghostgle and buttbook respond to users' protests in a very timely manner. I feel so protected knowing someone is always watching my back...

  11. Just boycott g00gl products altogether - go for it - and in the meantime start using Ixquick's IP-free - heck, it's even got a Firefox plugin.

    I'll go further - get rid of all things corporate on your computer by installing free Ubuntu Linux ( - there's even a LiveCD version you can just run under windows to see whether you like it or not before installing.

    Join stress-free, virus-free, NSA-free, free-as-in-free computing and have done with all this inhuman spookery crap.

  12. This article definitely backed off the title pretty quick. Shouldn't the title be, stop doing bad things google or we will get really, really mad. Kudos to the anonymous comment above who at least lists an alternative. I also like