Thursday, April 14, 2011

Child Predator Service(CPS) Strikes Again in Detroit Because Mom Brandished Gun To Protect Child..Our Shameless Government At Work.



  1. they want we the people to rise up. its not a matter of when, but how. we need citizen flash crowds,peacefull,concerned, diligent brothers and sisters, to stand up immediatly, force the issues. dont let them divide us by race, religion, nor any other divisive ideas that will prevent us from enjoying the sweets of our liberties, our freedoms, our GOD GIVEN INALIABLE RIGHTS. goodlucksister

  2. Ha, don't expect brain dead brainwashed drugged up Americans to rise up against anything. By and large Americans are cowards with no principles and are afraid of their shadows.

  3. Wishing this mother and father the best in this
    disgusting display of over reaching arrogant
    power trip from the CPS!!!!
    Sue them in court they broke every law in the