Saturday, April 2, 2011

Using Sol Alinski's Rules for Radicals Tactic Of Ridicule Against the Authoritarian Politicians

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule.Also it infuriates the opposition,which then reacts to our advantage" -Sol Alinski's book Know your enemy: Rules for Radicals "

               It is good to see the leftist do not have a monopoly on tactics to achieve an agenda. I seen this tactic used on Politicians who feared bad press.Especially in congress. When a draconian Environmental bill that would be tyrannical if the legislation become law. To silence to opposition.The Eco freaks would use the tactic saying"If you are against this bill.You must be for breathing dirty air and drinking filthy water".If there was a bill against Domestic Violence in the home.Politicians would vote for the bill knowing it is not a good law if passed.They would pass the bill anyway because they did not want to be labeled"Advocating men beating their wives". With Medicare reform bills were debated"You want to kill old people and throw them out on the streets."When anti child abuse legislation was introduced.We would hear"You must be for parents beating up their kids". My pet peeve is."If you vote against renewing the Patriot Act.You are for the Terrorist".
                 The left has used the tactic to get politicians from debating challenging the merits.Using this tactic caused many Politicians voting in favor for the bill against their conscience. If they voted no. They will get ridiculed and demonized which they feared would hurt their chances for reelection . It has been a successful tactic that caused much bad freedom killing bills to become law. This is why we are in such sad shape as a nation on the brink of collapse. Now since the leftist have had there way so long and pretty much achieved silencing debate controlling the opposition using the tactic of ridicule. Now I see this tactic starting the be used against the very people who created it and used this tactic for many decades.
                  On the video showing We Are Change Austin,Texas.These young people walk the State Legislator and passed out Tyranny Awards to State Senators destroying the Texas State Constitution and the US Constitution setting up checkpoints on the highway to check if people have their license and insurance to drive their own car. This infuriated many in the Legislator being exposed as authoritarians and not the conservatives as they claimed to be. Now this is the opportunity to use this weapon used by the radical leftist and authoritarian  used for many years against. Now like a boomerang.We can use the ridicule tactic against them now.
                   We can use this tactic against the Politicians who are doing the bidding for Wall Street and the Bankers. The Tea Party Candidates who now hold office and betrayed their constituents not cutting spending and voted for the extension of the patriot act. We have to the moral high ground to use ridicule against the politicians who are not serving the people.It can be judges not upholding the Foreclosure laws and allowing banks to throw people out of their home illegally. The county sheriff that will not protect people from the Federal heavy hand in his county because he has a sweetheart deal with Washington DC. The County commissioners and city council members abusing the Eminent Domain laws to steal people homes to give to a big developer.We have been nice and showed respect when addressing our grievances to them. They did not listen. Now it is time they get ridiculed exposing who they really are. We have all been hurt by these people we elected to serve our interest. Shame and ridicule is now the next step. No more Mr Nice Guy.

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