Saturday, April 2, 2011

Census Worker Harasses Couple For Not Answering Personal Questions

                It is perfectly legal if the census was taken every ten years as the US Constitution mandates to determine representation in congress. This is done by counting every person in the home to determine the population for just that one purpose. Now the census has taken a new direction asking questions that are too personal as an example:Do you use low flow toilets?Financial information and about daily personal habits we do day to day as a function of our daily lives. No were in the constitution does the government have the authority to require us answering personal questions.
                 I did not answer any personal questions when my census form came in asking me about firearms and my political views.I have to remind you when World War 2 started and we were at war with Japan. If you think census data is kept confidential. How the US government rounded up Japanese people to place them in internment camps was using census data to locate and detain them without due process.
                 I would not answer any personal questions after reading about the abuses of census data used against Japanese Americans.Now A couple in McKinley Park in Chicago are now being harassed to no end by a nut case census worker saying to the couple they have to answer the forms asking evasive personal questions or be fined $2000. It is the couple right not to answer questions that are none of the government's business. I wonder will the Department of Homeland security now put people on a No Fly List or a Terrorist Watch List for not answering evasive questions of the census?
                  I am glad to know that there was a revolt in the census when people did not answer all the questions on the form that were personal.Sometimes non compliance is the best protest to send a message to the government"My Life is none of your business"


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