Thursday, April 7, 2011

US Goverment to Use Social Networks to Issue Terror Alerts?

              I never seen a Department of Homeland Security be so in your faces like this before. You see them at Wal Mart saying "If you see something say something" with this woman who can not secure the border or enforce immigration laws. This very department say put up with the TSA putting their hands down our pants and scanning our naked bodies.There were at the Superbowl in Partnership with the NFL. They were at the NCAA Final Four. Now Homeland security wants to use Facebook and Twitter to issue terror warnings?
              I wonder what these terror warning will be? See someone who owns a gun?Call homeland security? See someone talk about the Constitution and the bill of rights. Call homeland security? See someone with a terrorist garden,Call Big Sister. Will it be watch your neighbor because he might be a threat or a suspected terrorist because he has the Flag that says"Don't Tread on me" flying in his front yard.Are these what the terror warnings will be? Watch out for Anti War Protesters hurting the unpopular war effort  or people for a government shutdown because it spends too much.
               The terror alerts we will not see is the violent Drug Cartels causing violence on the border or the Illegal Alien activist working for a foreign power making statements that can considered an act of war reclaiming the southwest for Mexico. We will not hear about the Israelis spying committing espionage. The Obama Administration with Homeland security will never address the real threats this country faces. Only the fabricated threats to spy on our fellow countrymen being told to dial 1-800-SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR if it seems suspicious nonsense.
                If they are going to issue any real Terror alerts. Let it be there will be a 100% chance if you are going to travel by Airplane or Bus. We will be fondled and have items in our luggage stolen.We will be radiated and terrorized by the real terrorist. The US Government Itself
               I think the US Government using social networks like Facebook and Twitter  is because no one is buying the "If you see something say something" rammed in our faces at Wal Mart or other shopping center.Using the social networks is a desperate attempt to keep getting in our faces over and over selling phony threats and never what the reality that has our nation in peril. Why believe these terror alerts by a government that can not tell the truth. Get my drift?

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  1. We can fix our part by filing exempt! If you have a job, then change your status to exempt. Quit funding the rich! They want to balance the budget then "Take the Corporations Off Welfare". and make them pay back taxes. As David Icke has said over and over again, quit funding them and do whatever you can to spend your cash wisely and local.