Friday, April 8, 2011

If Oil Reaches $175 A Barrel. It is Time To Arrest all Responsible is Long Overdue

             There is no reason for oil to be at this price. We are not short on oil.We have plenty of oil in this country to support our energy needs for many centuries. What our problem is we have a cabal of Bankers and Oligarchs in the oil companies all the way to high finance colluding to create artificial scarcity as an excuse to raise the cost on the price of a barrel of oil. It has been on record many of these energy giants funded the Environmental groups as cover to use the arm of the the court, government regulation and laws passed by congress to shut down drilling and exploration.To prevent the building of new refineries and uncap wells that already exist.
              The lack in enforcing the anti trust laws allowing oil companies like Exxon-Mobile and Shell-Texaco to merge.These energy giants colluded and agreed to shut down refineries so a bottle neck starts to create an artificial scarcity. Anti trust laws were not enforced to protect the people from unfair business practices and unfair competition that hurts the people.Smaller oil companies can not not start up or build any new refineries  to compete because the force of government keeps the monopoly in place so no real competition can take place selling oil at an affordable price. Monopolies only grow when there is government collusion with corporations.They do not happen in a free market economy.
             Seeing the surge in the price of oil over $110 a barrel with speculators predicting $175 does not have to happen.  The President says"get use to high gas prices". I have no confidence when he makes such statements.We have oil wells capped ready to send oil to refineries in Alaska in the north slope and gull island. There are plenty of oil wells in Texas capped and not used that can be going through the cracking process to be refined. We do not need to drill and explore for anymore reserves.The illusion of we need to drill offshore and find new reserves is just a rouse to me.To me that is a delay tactic to keep the price up. There are plenty of capped wells ready to go online all over America.
              How much more can we take with all the criminality of these money addicts enriching themselves at the expense of the hard working people trying to keep a roof over their heads.When Glass Steagall Act was repealed.It was a recipe ready for disaster. How much more will we tolerate? How much more will we take from law makers on the state and federal level not willing to challenge the power that be in high finance and banking.Are they for the people or the bankers. Are they for a free market economy or corporatism swallowing up the wealth of a nation. Are they going to protect the too big to fail or the little guy?With this shutdown coming anything can happen. I do not care if the government shuts down or not.Just as long we do not send money to Israel and the money addicts do not have their way.
              It is long overdue these people get arrested fro the criminality going on cause unnecessary economic pain on the people. How much more can we tolerate before the breaking point comes were we will say"We had enough!Off with their heads!"

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  1. Water powered cars are the biggest secret that would destroy the oil cartel. Many have made their own already and seperate the Hydrogen and burn it to power the car. Simple modifications are out there they can power even trucks like dodge rams.

    Free energy is out there, and they do NOT want you to figure it out. The US government damnwell knows about it. The US government is a private corporation that only represents itself. They don't give a crap about the people, and it's interesting to see many Americans starting to see this.

    It goes much deeper.

    check out for some harsh realities. Do not self censor like they have trained you to do. Open your eyes and see how its all connected people. Lift the veil and see all the lies.