Thursday, April 7, 2011

Money Addict Donald Trump for President?I do Not Buy The Birth Certicate Media Frenzy

           I do not care what the Media says about Donald Trump.This is a man who had many wives. He owns casinos and hotels are not doing well at all. Look at what the wealthy have done to to this country. Many people in politics who are wealthy wrecked this nation.. Many people in Congress and the Senate are all multi millionaires almost billionaires who benefited off the backs of the American people taking payoffs and bribes from many special interest groups over the years. I never watched Donald's show on TV and do not have any interest in the program at all.
          Donald Trump like Billionaire Ross Perot back in 1992 who ran for President knows how to stir up people emotions telling the crowd what is wrong and never can come up with up a solution to solve the problem. These are people who know how to get the media's attention. and create a controversy. I think this is a media creation with the illusion of Donald Trump being number two in the GOP polls. A distraction from what is really going on. When did Donald Trump become a republican and what poll says he is in second place?
           There is plenty of fraud to nab the President with his multiple aliases and numerous social security numbers. Never mind the birth certificate. All I know when he because an Indonesian citizen.He was no longer a US citizen when that happened . The question should be asked. Was he a naturalized citizen being repatriated?Never a question about his numerous aliases used. If he is signing documents using an alias and not his real identity.Just on that alone can void all the bad laws and executive orders he has signed since taking office. The birth certificate issue is just a diversion from the real fraud.Donald Trump has not fooled me at all with the "show me the birth certificate" controversy.
            Donald Trump is a media whore looking for face time in front of a TV camera. It is just all drama and no substance coming from a money addict now a fabricated media generated celebrity. A money addict diverting attention away to help his fellow thieves on Wall Street finish stealing from the nation.Mr Trump using the birth certificate issue as a diversion from the devaluing of the dollar. To keep our eyes off the looming shutdown and the multiple failures in government.
            Me I am tired of millionaires and billionaires in Politics. They all used their office for profit at our expense. I do not want another person in office who seeks to use the office of the President to profit from. I do not think Donald trump is serious about running for President. He is just a media stunt dummy for one purpose. To distract,divert and deflect people away from what is really going on so the government can finish looting the nation.I do not buy the Donald Trump media phenomena one second and neither should you. He is a robber baron himself. How do I know. He owns casinos were the house wins.The casino has the advantage in a rigged game.He never became wealthy on the winners who gambled there money away. He made it off the losers and the suckers in a fixed game.Donald Trump the King Money Addict himself. Why should I believe a word he says just based on that.



  1. If you don't believe Donald Trump you may believe Obama or should that be Soetoro.
    Listen to what he has to say - first minute or so in.
    I think you may find it leaves you in a difficult spot.
    Attack Trump by all means but make sure you are not on quicksand.

  2. Trump is out for Trump (not America), this has been his
    mantra since he inherited Daddy's money! Don't forget, this
    loser was extremely close to filling for bankruptcy back in the
    early 90's ... and some want him as president.

    God help America ....

  3. If Donald Trumpp runs for president, I will get off my lazy 62 yr old ass and even being disabled, go out and campaign for him for the first time in my life.
    If we want this country back, we need a guy who can tell some of these professional bullshit artists to take a hike, and he's the only guy that will do what he promised to do.
    Mr Trump if you need help, this ex-New Yorker, who started with absolutlly nothing, "not even a bedroom", started 5 sucessful businesses and was driving a Ferrari at 26, is behind you 100%