Monday, April 11, 2011

To All the Trolls Working for George Soros Acting like Grammar NAZIS Taking Cheap Shots At The Bloggers.

                 After reading comments of other bloggers.I see how certain people under the cover of being anonymous are taking cheap shots at people who work very hard to bring information to the people who read their content. The truth is there is no rules in language. Language is always evolving and changing. If you read the King James Bible. We do not use the words thou and thy anymore because English has changed over the centuries. I can speak Russian pretty well.I am not fluent yet.The rules of grammar speaking this Slovak language does not have the strict sentence structure as English does. That is why the English language is one of the most difficult languages the learn and master.
                I notice these people never show themselves. They rather play critic than be engaged. I am not a perfect writer at all. I am not the arbitrator of the English language.Nor do I claim to be a leading authority. I do not let you mindless idiots get under my skin.As an analogy to explain this.For the woman I love. She beautiful in all her imperfections and strong qualities. To be critical  of her minor flaws.I miss out on the beauty of what her heart speaks. I miss out on the essence of her as a whole. If I am critical about every little mistake she will make. I will miss out on all in what is good in her being.
                I see little errors in everyone's writing. I see it all the time in newspapers or on the internet. I choose not to pick apart people for minor errors. I am looking at the whole picture. I look at the substance of what people write.Life is too short to be critical of little things. No one is perfect.No one writes and speaks the English language with perfection. There is no one in the English Language linguistics profession that we can call master.
                 Me! I will not take cheap shots at people for little mistakes and alleged grammar errors. I will debate the substance and content. I will not hide behind anonymous. I will give my name were to find me and give me a rebuttal if they choose to. I complement people who are thinking and speak their mind. I do not like little George Soros trolls out there taking cheap shots at people. They can never argue the substance. They can never debate the facts. If they can not win. They will make cheap shots at bloggers with such comments. That is the only way George Soros and his minions can do. They are trying to discourage people into feeling inadequate being a blogger with insults. For the grammar NAZIS who say I am misspelling words.  I use an old Webster Dictionary to check for spelling .When there is no misspelled words or bad grammar.(Internet spellcheckers are not always reliable.)Than I can say to these miserable humans critical of other people for the most littlest things. GO GET A LIFE.One thing I learned about people who are overly critical. That is how they feel superior because they feel so inferior.That condescending arrogance I can not stand. It is easier for them to tear down someone else than look at their own flaws.
                One thing I learned besides George Soros little punks creating trouble for people trying to wreak havoc. There are people who are jealous of others who are engaged in arena of ideas. They will never make an effort to participate in the discussion. They will never contribute to the cause.I see these people all the time.They are miserable and do not have any friends. They will get bent out of shape at a promotional sign in the Super Market because the comma was in the wrong place. If the sign made the store money.Who cares were the punctuation is.
               Where I do draw the line on English.It is making an effort to use proper English.That standard is trying to make sense to be proper in English. It's trying to improve in grammar. Not being sloppy and doing my best. I do push myself not to do half measures and apply myself in all my work.I Just do the best with what I know. It is just common sense.We should always try to be our best at all times.If people are concerned about the writing skills others.We can sure use your help if they think we can do better.




  1. Hello realman2020. I know what you mean about trolls. Sometimes I'll make a point with the sole purpose or engaging people in honest debate and I'll get some wastrel responding about my choice of phrase, etc. I visit here often and hope you keep up your work. I created a saying that helps me. " When you cast your net on the sea of knowledge, you can't avoid landing the odd imbicile." Helpfulhippy...Barrie On., Canada. P.S. I sometimes use anonymous because I don't want to jerk around with the profile selection. I debate the point rather than insult the person though.
    God bless the American people.

  2. Great post. This also pisses me off. We should be concerned about what is happening around us not these crumbs on the counter. We could argue correct grammar usage all day and meanwhile our world is being destroyed. Time for people to wake up and stop bashing the messengers!


    I think you meant...


  4. These trolls are more often employed by the koch brothers, the United States Army and the state of israel. All of the wrong wingnuts and paid teabagging trolls vastly outnumber george soros' minions. You might want to get the beam out of your own eyes. Just sayin'

  5. And apart from anything else, criticising form rather than function leads straight off topic - that's what trolls do - and often for money or worse - comes to mind along with the Pentagon's Full Spectrum Cyber Dominance Taskforce.

    Stick your head above the parapet and you get shot at - also means you must be doing something right ;-)

    Anonymous Joe

  6. I commented on a piece here anon yesterday to the effect of " I can't read this if you can't spell check...".
    Why ? With the miasma of information available today I use that a filter. I felt it important enough to tell you why I wouldn't read your piece.Not because you don't know what you are talking about, However, In MY SOLE OPINION an ignorant messenger usually has an ignorant message. My intention is not to piss anyone off but if you want for credibility then one must appear credible.
    P.S. I work for the Light

  7. It's the Jew!!!

  8. Hi,
    Great post.
    No one is perfect.
    I am making mistakes in English.
    But information must be right. Why? Because somebody reading your article assumes that what you write for public is (or must be) correct. This public believe is widely use by media to misled and tell lies to achieve their goals. We can hear very often "It was said on TV !" "I red it in the Newspaper!"
    Slovak/Slovakian in my opinion should be Slovakian language.
    There is a family of Slav or Slavonic languages, one of them is a Russian language.
    Slovak is a person who lives in Slovakia, and speaks Slovakian/Slovak language, which belongs to Slav or Slavonic family of languages (Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian and a few others).
    I hope that my comment is understandable. I am in process of learning an English.

  9. I believe English is not your first language. Or is it? If English is your second language, be proud of that fact. Are you Russian?

  10. I hate to say it now, but I think I take a little bit of pride in being as grammatically perfect as possible, but I certainly don't attack others for not seeing any importance in it. One school of thought favors the strict preservation of the language, and uniform methods of expression, while others see any variation of the language as acceptable as long as the idea is conveyed. To each his own, I say, but if I wanted to break out my English teacher's red pen I would tear up the entire article and all of the comments too.

  11. If U cnt rd ths u cld b a trll.

  12. About language and writhing.

    Could it be a posebilety of a reading and/or writhing diorder(dyslectic) anyone, huh. Not a second.

    This kind of shitthead dogmas and a hysterical behavour/thinking is one of the majore reason many people whit a Disorder dont writh, it has nothing to do whit intelegence, its just a disorder, and one has to live whit it, capice.
    Correct writhing is for people whit disorders both timeconsuming and then its difficould to maintain the focus, its better to writh strait away, despite the errors.
    Some of us dont usaly writh, exept if it can be short and strait into the core, and no bull.
    If you cant you handle that, that the direction is been pointed out and the rest is up to you.

    Some have to be spoonfed everything, that is not my way of doing things, its a legacy of years in resposible working enviromentes.
    I personaly like it this way.
    We are few who takes that risk, of even be riddicoued and "corrected".

    And finaly if you please, go fu... your self.

  13. Let's be clear here. Just because someone takes the time to point out errors doesn't automatically make that person a troll or shill working against the truth. The fact is that there ARE rules to language. Things like spelling and usage do matter. For instance, you need to spell things correctly so that the reader knows what you're talking about. The word "where" is spelled with an "h." More than once you have used the word "were" instead of "where" which is a completely different word with a different meaning.

    You use periods instead of commas and end up with unintelligible sentence fragments, and the meaning of what you're writing is altered. To be taken seriously one needs to observe the most basic rules when writing. There should be a space between a period at the end of a sentence and the beginning of the next sentence. Basic! Come on!

    Instead of making excuses for being sloppy and then labelling critics as mindless idiots, why don't you take the time to correct obvious mistakes before posting your articles? The truth is worth presenting correctly. That's all.

    Have some pride in your work.