Monday, April 11, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne, Redd Foxx,Joe Lewis and Willie Nelson Have One Thing In Common. An IRS Problem

                The IRS. That ruthless agency that violates due process with a cold heart throw our kids out in the streets in a snow blizzard. The IRS discriminates against no one. Unless you are Timothy Geithner who was the former head of the New York Federal Reserve and now the Secretary of the Treasury. Most of the ruling class in Washington DC whether Democrat or Republican are delinquent on their taxes. The IRS does not touch these people as long they play ball.
                The IRS has gone after celebrities I am very fond of as a child growing up. My Dad loved Joe Lewis as a boxer. Until I watched America's Freedom to Fascism. Seeing how the IRS treated Joe Lewis and robbed his family of a future over a technicality.This shows the heavy hand of the IRS. I can recall actor Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son sitcom. I always got a laugh watching the show.Redd had his clock cleaned by this rogue element that is no more than a collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank.
                  Then there is Willie Nelson who was busted for pot and his sentence was singing the judges favorite song in the court room as his sentence. He had IRS problems were they took him the the cleaners too. Not by choice after the IRS robbed Willie Blind. Willie was "One the Road Again"with Willie telling the agents"your always on my mind" Because Willie got screwed like many who have had their lives destroyed by the IRS.
                 Now come Ozzy Osbourne owes 1.7 million in back taxes to the IRS .Ozzy and his wife Sharon risk losing their home to the collection agency for the Private central bank called the Federal Reserve system. I hope Ozzy does not lose anything and retains a good lawyer who had victories beating the IRS exposing the fraud. The truth is there is no law obligating the people to pay income tax on their labor.Former IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson who was just released from prison emphatically said all the time.
                 Who knows maybe the IRS fraud might be exposed like never before to a different audience because this controversial Rock star who was called the devil incarnate because the band was named Black Sabbath. Who once bit bats heads off among many his antics on stage.He might be the one slay the IRS.An unlikely person.


  1. In 1963 in VietNam a Buddhist monk self-immolated and although many of us no longer remember his name, the image is seared onto our consciousness and we know that his act changed the course of a nation and a war. Not too long ago a self-destructive act by a produce vendor sparked a revolution in Tunisia - but after decades of brain bending with the pseudo science of psychology, the self-sacrificial act of protest by an American, Joe Stack, was marginalized as mentally ill and forgotten within weeks despite that he had no history of mental illness, instead a highly accomplished man. I cannot forget Joe Stack and his ultimate sacrificial protest nor the terror of a culture that has a way of rendering everything meaninglessly impotent as we march inexorably towards the cliff of our own destruction. My own family, some of whom once dined regularly at the White House had a bad encounter with the IRS and my siblings and I battle homelessness while people think that we are secretly hoarding our wealth, despite a google search can show them evidence of what was done to us by our esteemed government - someone keeps it on-line as a warning for future generations.

  2. you people need to learn how to read the laws on the books- here are a couple for starters

    United States Code Title 12 Sec 411(Fed Reserve Notes are Obligations of the United States)

    Title 31 Sec 3124(Obligations of the United States are TAX EXEMPT)

    United States Code Title 26 Subtitle A CHAPTER 1 > Subchapter B > PART VI > § 165. Losses –
    General rule-There shall be allowed as a deduction any loss sustained during the taxable year and not compensated for by insurance or otherwise
    (g) Worthless securities
    (1) General rule
    If any security which is a capital asset becomes worthless during the taxable year, the loss resulting there from shall, for purposes of this subtitle, be treated as a loss from the sale or exchange, on the last day of the taxable year, of a capital asset.

    (2) Security defined-For purposes of this subsection, the term "security" means—

    (C) a bond, debenture, note, or certificate, or other evidence of indebtedness, issued by a corporation or by a government or political subdivision thereof, with interest coupons or in registered form

    and start endorsing your checks with the following “DEPOSITED FOR CREDIT ON ACCOUNT OR

    Reading is fundamental-Get it-They know that most high school graduates read and comprehend at a about a 4th or 5th grade level and most college grads are not much better.