Saturday, April 16, 2011

Texas School DIstrict Cracks Down on Student Protest Over Teacher Layoffs

             Students of the Katy School District are not taking teacher layoff laying down. The school Board let go 300 teachers.The students are showing there displeasure over the decision. Students do have a right to protest and redress of grievances.Students in Wisconsin walked out of school in protest siding with the teachers last month after the state government cut education. Now it has spread to Texas.
             Teachers have been protesting the cuts to education in Austin Texas. What the teachers and students do not know is two things they ought to be aware of. All the money that should be funding the schools is going to Wall Street and the Bankers called austerity. Second.The State Department of Education and the local school districts needs to dump costly funded and unfunded mandates from the federal government.These two issues put a drag on the budgets.Regardless how much Washington gives with strings attached. The cost to comply with the conditions is staggering and counter productive.If the Katy school district just dump DC and all the Federal mandates. Teachers can still have their jobs This is what the teachers and students need to know next time they protest.
             Student do not shed their constitutionally secured rights when they step on the school campus.If it is on class time or not. If the elected leaders on the School board and in the State legislator will not listen.We can see more nationwide student protest and walkouts. An act of civil disobedience.The Katy School Board cracking down on student protest will only make things worse. Student have a right to protest on class time or not to address the losing their jobs. Cracking down on students redressing grievances will not make the problem go away by silencing their voice. It will only get worse as months go by.The Katy school district should Dump DC mandates or next election the voters will dump them.


  1. on another subject, the revenue machine in brazoria county , namely pearland has issued 100's of criminal complaints regarding attendance,there are 2 criteria to file under, I have personal knowledge of 2 that were filed with no legal authority to file under 25.094 of the texas education code, this is a fraud upon the court..and had 2 dismissed by phone call because it did not meet the prerequsites to file..

  2. and now the district is in full CYA mode

  3. The problem is that cities have two sets of books, one for public perusal, that shows a balance of income and outflow. The other set of books is the CAFR or comprehensive annual financial report which is hidden. A city the size of Austin probably has a $1,000,000,000 slush fund that they have literally stolen from the taxpayers. These bureaucrats invest these funds on Wall St where they are affectionately known as "Rubes." Goldman Sachs will fly them into the big city on a private jet, ferry them around in limosines, put them up at the Plaza Hotel, give them tickets to Broadway shows, $8,000 bar tabs at Scores gentleman's club, wine and dine them at the most exclusive restuarants and all the while, pitching them on great investment ideas. Like AAA mortgage backed securities, you know, the securities that brought down the countries of Libya, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, England, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, France and now, the USA. These Rubes, lost their own pensions and the pensions of all the public employee's, like the firemen, police, teachers, public utilities workers and so on. So now you understand, the need for austerity measures and the eventual need for more taxes. Google Austin, Texas CAFR or your own city's CAFR. They are posted on line by law.

  4. "All the money that should be funding the schools is going to Wall Street and the Bankers called austerity"...Not all of it. A good portion is being invested in the war machine and wars without end.