Friday, April 15, 2011

Obama Resorting to Fear to Raise Debt Ceiling and the GOP Leaders Dance to the Same Tune

            I think American are burned out on fear. We are burned out on smear tactics and character assassinations.We yawn when the big spenders in Washington and the money addicts resort to scaring people to get their way.For the President to say if we do not raise the debt ceiling.There will be a World depression. or recession After seeing the economy go in the toilet the last two years. It was this borrowing and reckless spending that is the big contributing factor why we are in such a mess. This is something we can not print our way or borrow to prosperity.
            The cuts and the budget the GOP passed is just a dog and pony show. A big government conservative is a oxymoron. They never cut anything.all they did was move the number around like deck chairs on the Titanic. Not raising the debt ceiling and making some real cuts in the budget calling our troops home in these costly wars and deployment abroad.It might slow down the decline of the dollar and inflation. The cost of government is worse than a ball and chain on my leg.This government is a drag on the people and productivity.With no new taxes and no more borrowing.We have a fighting chance to stay afloat as a country.
            I just wonder. Will the White House plunge protection team go into high gear crashing the stock market as using financial terrorism because there is threat of a filibuster in the US senate when the Senators votes on raising the debt ceiling.The Bush white house used financial terrorism tactics crashing the markets to pass the bailouts in 2008.Will the President use the same tactics to break a filibuster so the government can keep borrowing?
           This will be interesting to see.The last compromise by the Republican leadership to avoid a government shut down threatening no to pay the military and Elderly's social security if they do not see the President's way.That is financial terrorism or a ruse. As the details came out over the compromise. We were misled about the real details and the cuts they talked were made. We all found out was a exaggeration. I do not see them getting away with it this time. I do not see the financial terrorism working this time. I believe the debt limit will not be raised and there will be no new taxes. I think this will be the biggest major defeat to the Obama administration and will have his hands tied dealing with a smaller budget. This might be the little reprieve the people were looking for.


  1. Imagine for just a moment that GOD gave people two natural emotions, LOVE & FEAR. Love was created to keep mankind stable and caring and fear created to aid in the natural survival instinct in times of trouble.

    So, along comes a system that creates a plethora of pain, suffering and fear as a means to control their people, because they found that when people are kept in a constant state of fear, immorality, lack of morals and values and lack of love prevail.

    This is why the world is suffering in today's world because the basic emotion of love that held the worlds people together has been replaced by fear and people are simply not capable of mutual respect any longer.

  2. Just raise the limit to $100 trillion then they won't have to do this bullshit for a few years. What's the difference? No one's ever going to get paid back.