Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do not Underestimate President Obama's Ability to Pull Off A 2012 Victory For A Second Term

              We may see the poll numbers go down on the President's approval ratings. We may see his unpopularity rising day by day. What he does day by day makes things get worse. He makes people mad by his arrogance and audacity to thumb his nose at the American people. The American people have no confidence in his leadership. Somehow the decision he is going to run for a second term looking against all odds despite his poll numbers. I wonder what is up his sleeve
               Many conservatives,patriots and tea party activist may think the 2012 election is a shoe in for them .An easy win to recapture the White House. I would not be too overconfident about his abilities to pull off a win n the next Presidential election year.We may think he is the worst President in history. To his puppet masters he is doing what he is told. He is their man. He bailed out the bankers and Wall Street. He pushed and signed into law a health care bill that charges high premiums that gives way below substandard care. He did all this despite the public outrage. President Obama gets what he wants and is determined regardless going against the will of the people. Now the President is running for a second term thinking in his mind he will win.
                We have to remember where this President came from. He lived in Chicago for many years. This city is the butt of every joke on voter fraud and corruption.We also have the Diebold electronic voting machines. Who knows what the former Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley is doing now. It would not surprise me if he is arranging the election to be stolen on a nationwide level.What he did in the Windy city.Mr.Daley might be helping to take it nationwide making sure everyone in the cemetery will vote Barrack Obama back into office.We must not let our guard down.
                 This administration is not to be underestimated, The President took corruption to a new level in history should have everyone concerned. With a stroke of a pen he done so much damage.He has been looking for ways to give amnesty to illegal aliens to be his voting block using the power of his office.Do not be stunned if illegal aliens voting for Obama will give him a second term in office.He can not be ignored. This President with the people around him are capable of anything. That is what the most dangerous that has me concerned.This is a man we can not afford to ignore  or say he has no chance. Being overconfident we can not be. The man has the force of government at his whim and operatives to do his bidding. This is a man who proved he can pull off the impossible.We must not underestimate President Barrack Hussein Obama one second.He is capable of anything even winning reelection if we are not looking.


  1. BO will most likely win reelection. They were saying the same about Bush in 2004. People thought they would really get rid of him due to his low approval ratings. Then the Democrats did their part for the show and ran that clown Kerry who couldn't wait to lose and concede the election.

    You can bet this time the Republicans will do their part an run some dogshit candidate. That's a pretty safe bet since that's all they have to run except Ron Paul and they'll kill him before they let that happen.

    BO is being set up to preside over the downfall of the US which should happen before 2016. Then the Republicans can blame the Democrats and everyone else can blame the ni**er.

  2. I was involved in the 2008 presidential election and I came away with the realization the whole process is crooked and corrupt. Its usually called voter fraud, but its actually election fraud. We caught them red-handed fixing the Florida Republican Straw Poll and they threatened us with physical violence, nobody cared. Not the local newspaper, not the local TV News, not the leader of the state Republican Party (who's now in jail) and not the County Sheriff. I demanded that they be arrested for grand theft, RICO Act, election fraud and treason but nobody cared or would investigate even though there was an easily traceable credit card trail. They sold the votes (1200)for $20 and Ron Paul supporters bought almost 1,000, all by credit card. RP supporters also sold out a local theater of 800 seats at $10 a pop. Somehow Mitt Romney's entourage of illegal, out of state voters showed up at the Sequoia touch screen machines with 50 to 80 voting tickets each and they voted them all, in the middle of a grass field, no secret ballots here. Republican officials were embarrassed, they didn't plan on being caught in the act on 20 YouTube videos, but they persevered and announced Mitt Romney the winner and landslide favorite among Florida Republican voters. Somehow, after all the chicanery, the Republicans nominated McCain (2 votes) as the favorite of the people and candidate for the office of president of the United States of Amerika.

  3. Whoever the international bankers want to win will win. The two party political system is simply an illusion. Notice how the same agendas continue no matter which party is in power? Mr Obama likely will win the next "selection". It is much easier to keep tabs on an administration that you have had 4 years to familiarize the handlers with than it is to have to repeat the process anew every 4 years. Until you storm the registrar of voters offices in your community, and demand a return to paper ballots and transparent accountability in the election process, you are doomed to be eternally represented by bought and paid for idiots from both sides of the aisle.