Saturday, April 9, 2011

Russia stands for Intenet Freedom

              It seems like the United States are no longer the good guys standing up for freedom.Right now the Alternative media in America has exploded on the internet bypassing mainstream media. Our government is losing control over the people and are seeking ways to restrict the internet censoring websites and manipulating the law to achieve its ends.The government wants to listen in on our Skype calls and eavesdrop on our instant messengers conversations.They want to read our email.They are seeking to clamp down on the internet.
              In the Russian federation is quite a different scenario. The US government wasted no time or expense with propaganda in the cold war and to this day still making out the Russians as the bad guys. Back in the 80s when the Cold War was coming to an end.First these Russian were commies seeking to destroy humanity.Today they portray the people as Mobsters and evil criminal elements on the international stage. Today the Russians in reality are the good guys and we are the evil empire.
               While the United States is slipping into a dictatorship.Russia is more free than we are. The FSB was seeking to ban skype,gmail and hotmail claiming to be a security risk to the nation.Was the FSB wanting to censor and restrict the internet? The good news is the Kremlin struck the proposal down as fast as it was proposed.
                At least people in the Kremlin has the wisdom to understand that restricting freedom on the internet is not a good idea because it will ignite public discontent and the best way to keep stability is to preserve a free internet.Let just pray there is no false flag attack in Russia blaming Skype as the culprit in the attack. I talk to good people in Russia on Skype and Hotmail. That is why my Russian is improving because these allow us to reach the world.For the FSB to propose this is nonsense and glad the Kremlin said no.


  1. Jct: Thanks Russia from saving us from the US censorship try.

  2. I think that was more an encryption concern, they basically stated that.

  3. Don't be fooled the world is run by the Illuminati. There are no good guys amongst those that rule the world - just worst than others.

  4. NobodysaysBOO:
    The only reason the internet is still slowly operating in the US is because they use it for missinformation and proiganda, make no mistake they control it fully.They will kill the internet as needed.They already slow it down "throtle" so they can charge you for letting it speed up!
    I do not care about spelling bees or school teachers!