Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr Obama No New Taxas. No New Debt. The Goverment Can Not Squeeze Anymore Blood From a Stone.

              I watched on my local Fox news affiliate this morning. They had a Certified public accountant on answering questions from the audience. This accountant admitted that since Obama took office and all the local and state budget shortfalls. It was that a person works I heard is about 5 to 7 months in one year to pay the government before he works for himself.When we add all the taxes we pay on products and services.What we see taken out of our paycheck. It is staggering how much we pay in taxes. Now if Obama gets his way.This CPA says the time. We will work to pay for the government will be extended 40 days more.
              The problem is not we are not taxed enough. The government spends too much to pay off Wall Street and the Bankers. We pay for foreign aid to Israel.We pay for corporate welfare. We have to pay for more wars we did not consent to be involved in. We have to work harder to pay more for all this? Now Obama wants to raise taxes? He wants to debt ceiling raised to borrow more money putting this debt on our backs against our will.
              I hope real soon we will start being like Iceland saying no to the Bank debt.No to bailouts.When we are under the control of the bankers. We get all these taxes imposed on us to pay to these robber barons on Wall Street and the in big Banks. We have lost our republican form of government to corporate thievery and greed. We no longer have "No Taxation without representation".We have now "Taxation without hesitation".
              This government is massive boondoggle that sucks the life blood out of the people and the economy that stands in the way of productivity more than promotes it. We are bogged down with taxes when we fuel our car to when we shop for food.When we pay taxes our electric and phone bill. We pay taxes companies pass down to the consumer.We pay taxes on almost everything. We get taxation by citation when we are stopped by the police. So why does the government say we need more money? To pay the bankers and Wall Street. To pay for sacred cows and a bloated unproductive bureaucracy.
               The people are tapped out and broke. While people's wages and hours are cut. Government workers salaries go up. The collapse is coming when the people will refuse to pay for the government.Why?Because why should we pay more and do with less while the politicians eat steak? The breaking point is coming. Mr Obama.If you think you can tax us anymore to the point of starvation. Your wrong and the day of reckoning is coming.


  1. The US is now a bankrupt socialist state. The government borrows its own money from a private,jewish bank, the so called Federal Reserve. It is only another year or so until the US collapses financially like the USSR. The Soviet Ruble went from 1/$ to 30,000 per $. The same will happen here when the US regeme defaults on its debts and the $ ceases to be the world currency. It is down to 60% of world reserves now and falling fast.

  2. Just waiting for the day this huge pile of stinking shit called the US Government comes crashing down. Tired of watching the slow motion trainwreck.

  3. It was tax cuts that brought us much of this debt along with unpaid for wars during those unpaid for wartime tax cuts. In light of that blatent attempt to bankrupt the nation how can this article get away with the oximoronic title "No New Taxes, No New Debt" when it's either one or the other? Now we've tax cutted ourselves beyond what our national budget can afford all to support the Republican coup I've watched in the works my whole life to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade, and wrap it all up into another corporate tax cut for the rich.