Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Time The Tea Party Give the Boot to Boehner as the First to go after this Deal he made in the dark of night.

             Does these people think we are stupid? Making a deal to cut 38billion? Cut 500 billion over the next 10 years?That is chum change and does not amount a hill of beans. We need a half a trillion dollars cut NOW!There is nothing to clap about or celebrate. There is nothing historic about this deal made. All it did was remind the grassroots we need to remove Boehner as speaker of the house and from congress period.The people are tired of deals and compromise as their futures slip away slower instead of faster.
             The Republicans did not take over the house to barrow and spend at all. They shellacked and cleaned the Democrats clock in last November Election. There was no need to negotiate with the losers for any deals. Coming to an understanding and compromise got this nation in the sad shape. For the Democrats and the President to hold the troops pay and the elderly hostage for political purposes would have backfired if the Leadership in the GOP held there line in the sand.
             This deal was a failure in leadership.The Republicans sent a bill to the president to sign and threatened to Veto it would have been seen who was the obstructionist or who was being fiscally responsible. This spending deal that was reached tells me no one won.There was no winners in this.It just says we need to get rid of the RINOs starting with Speaker of the House Boehner for his unwillingness to keep the President in check on wars especially Libya ,his encroachment on the Constitution and his fiscal irresponsibility.
              There was no winners because the American people have to pay for it without a say. The government should have shut down. This was a bad deal. This shows me that the leadership in the GOP needs to go overboard like heavy cargo on a ship in a storm. If the crew does not toss the heavy cargo overboard the ship will sink. The tea party should throw Boehner over board because his deal making is helping to sink the ship we call these United States.Boehner and the RINOs are that dead weight cargo that will sink us if we do not act.



  1. Now why are we surprised? We KNEW it would happen like that. There are NO real men or women in there. All smoke and mirrors.

  2. If the GOP had moved to take back the tax cuts given to the ultra rich, take back tax cuts to oil companies that are making billions in profits, and make corporations pay their fair share of taxes I would have believed in them.

  3. We need to get out of Iraq...Afganistan...and now Libya.. Why all the talk about cutting spending and no talk about getting out of these illegal wars.

    Are we just trying to cut all services to the people in this country so more money can be provided to the war profiteers.
    Let's talk about the COST PLUS contracts that have been going on now for a decade in an illegal war. Think about that NO-BID COST PLUS contracts...In case someone cannot comprehend what COST PLUS means it is this. The cost will be paid to the vender plus a reasonable profit on any service. Well this means the higher the cost, the higher the profit. Surely none of the fine contractors swarming around in Iraq and Afganistan would take advantage us poor taxpayers under a system such as that, would they??

    We have been paying for this crap for a decade. It is time for it to stop don't ya'll think?

  4. Politicians do think we are stupid. This is what politicians do... they find out "which way the wind is blowing" and regurgitate the talking point of the day... an example: regarding a trip David Cameron made to Pakistan, the printed "Back in Britain the comment made front-page news and prompted claims that Mr. Cameron was too ready to tell foreign hosts what they wanted to hear." He was said to have called the reporter that reported this a f*****.

    If you haven't seen how politicians have infiltrated and have been able to use the public's thoughts to benefit them personally, I recommend you watch the series "The Century of the Self." Do a Google search for the title. I will never participate in a survey again!

  5. "There was no winners because the American people have to pay for it without a say." This is a perfect example of taxation without representation.