Monday, April 11, 2011

The People of New York State to Bail Out Wall Street?

               Wall Street is living it up on our backs. They have stolen our pension funds from many people who paid over all their adult lives to have a nest egg for the golden years.It is sad when it time to retire.It is not their from them to live off.They get a rude awakening to find out it is all gone and stolen from them. Stolen by Wall street and the bankers.While they get to keep the exorbitant profits they make with corrupting and manipulating the markets stealing people's hard earned money.If they lose money. The taxpayers have to bail them out so they will not go to jail.
               Now the taxpayer of New York State now has to foot the bill for Wall Street pension fees. Why should the people of New York have to pay? According to Wall Street experts.The cash strapped pensions funds come up short and now the tax payers are put on the hook to pay $850 billion in investment feels to bail out someone or some investment bank. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook for the recklessness of Wall Street?
                 I believethe State of New York is bailing out the pension funds in the name of paying fees is because if not bailed out. Many people might go to jail and all those ill gotten earnings will be seized and returned to those pension funds. New York State one of the highest states that taxes people to oblivion to bail out Wall Street. When will the people of New York get any bailout of relief?Never. Bailing out Wall Street is not the solution.Arresting the fraudsters on Wall Street is what needs to be done before the peasant really get angry and grab their pitchforks looking for the money addicts.


  1. Is this the reason for the blow out police state fantasies drill they were conducting last weekend? Just asking.

  2. I think its ridiculous for the taxpayers of New York to try to escape their obligations. If they simply use some of their other 80 hours of the work week or use some of the 48 hours of weekend time to earn more taxable income, we should be able to bail out these pension funds. Two jobs should be the standard for New Yorkers, especially the white, brown and black goyim. Wall Streeters are the Chosen People and these taxpayers need to step up.