Friday, April 15, 2011

11 Northern Border States Adopting Canadian Dollar Over US Dollar? Or is it a Step Closer to the SPP/NAU Agenda?

                 I have a hard time thinking of this as a viable solution to our economic woes,Why? The North American Union(NAU) better known as the Security Prosperity and Partnership(SPP) Where the US Dollar,the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Paso will have equal parity before the Amero becomes the official currency. This is kind of suspicious on its head in what is being proposed by 11 northern states. It may sound like relief why the US dollar is in free fall on the currency markets.With the fear of hyperinflation. People are looking for relief.
                 I know the Russian Federation purchased Canadian currency in disgust with the US Dollar and now I have my reservations about 11 US States adopting Canadian dollar as official currency. I just wonder will California,Arizona,New Mexico and Texas will now adopt the Mexican Paso as the official currency too?If they do.Then we are in trouble. Why just do as Utah did and what Virginia is moving towards having their own state currency?Why adopt another nations currency?It does not make sense. Something tells me this is another step implementing the North American Union. The Hegelian dialectic of creating the problem of a currency crisis. demonstrating the problem watching the dollar fall and the solution of accepting the Canadian currency.Proposing this as the solution instead of state creating their own money backed by silver and gold sounds good on the surface.Until we look at the real SPP/NAU agenda. You might think different. Something does not seem right about it. I am not getting my hopes up on this.
                These States need to pass laws creating their own money from the treasury. These states telling us they will adopt the Canadian currency as the official money used in the state sounds like a step towards the SPP/NAU coming into fruition. With the Dollar devaluing on the worlds markets and hyperinflation getting ready to rear its ugly head in the Supermarket.People are desperate for solutions and adopting this Canadian currency seems to be a false hope I would not bet the farm on as a real solution. It sounds more like a Trojan horse.
                Beware of political false hopes. These states are perfectly capable to creating their own money to keep their economies afloat and the state governments functioning.This should have been done two years ago.Why did they wait till now?All of sudden these states all at once adopt Canadian currency to be the official money. President Roosevelt said "Nothing in politics happens by mistake". Chances are this move was planned way in advance.
               We must be on guard against false hopes by politicians and gimmicks as solutions offered by these globalist.The solution is with us to set right after this flawed system collapses. Not the politicians.They have proven time and time again to fail us. I will look at this with cautious optimism and skepticism . I am still saying this is not the solution and might be a move implementing a bigger globalist agenda.A this point we all need to be skeptics before we fall for the Globalist's final solution.


  1. What happened to the AMERO???

  2. Uh, you did notice the original article was dated April 1 didn't you?