Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Enforcing Anti Trust Laws And The Repeal of Glass Steagall Being A Part Of Our Economic Demise

             It has everything to do these Major Banks, Wall Street and government all being to the Big to Fail. It is something more deeper than that. If these major Banks fail and the Oligarchs see a prison cell for stealing and looting the nation using the force of government to achieve its ends. The US government and these money addicts have a lot more to lose than just there money. What they fear that might come to light can have many people being brought to justice. To prop up mercantilism for the sake of keeping the real truth hidden from the public. Everyone in all three branches of government all the way on the state level will be exposed being complicit in the ponzi scheme.
             After the period of reconstruction after the war of aggression against the southern states.We had to the rise of the Tycoons starting with John D Rockefeller with Standard oil and the Harrimans controlling the Railroads. These monopolies controlled competition were no one could compete and these wealthy oligarchs wanted total control of the industry. Monopolies do not happen in vacuum in a free market economy were competition rules the marketplace.These monopolies happen when there is government interference and corruption in political office. With the cry of the public to break up monopolies. The Congress passed the Sherman Anti Trust Act .to break up these monopolies and keeping other Tycoons from enthroning themselves above the government.
             We see today as our economy is in the toilet going into the sewer real fast. What is part of the reason?First was the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act that was a safe guard to keep investment banks and commercial banks separate so they do not merge.When they did create the mortgage backed securities fraud bundling them up in derivatives.Second reason is the lack of enforcement of Anti Trust laws. We have major monopolies like the Pharmaceutical companies using the force of government to go after natural remedies. We have Monsanto buying up seed companies and using the Federal agencies to shut down organic farmers or any operations that is a threat to their competition. Wal Mart killed Main Street wiping putting small town shops out of business using government subsidies and regulation giving this retail giant an unfair advantage.This is why small businesses can not compete in Small Town USA because Wal Mart had an unfair advantage thanks to the government interfering in the free market tuning Main Street in to a ghost town.
               When this economic system based on fraud collapses. What I think will be the worst fear s not just the money junkies going to jail for fraud. I believe what will be uncovered is the bribery,influence and corruption in high levels in government not to enforce these anti trust laws. It will be exposed how people in these revolving doors between government and these major corporations using the force of government to create and maintain these monopolies. It does not matter what agency it is. The SEC,USDA ,FDA all the way to the Justice Department were they looked the other way not enforcing Anti Trust Laws when there is unfair competition. We will see how the worst monopoly of all that controls the issuance of all the currency. The Federal Reserve Bank.It will be exposed what really happens and who were the political lackeys in all three branches of government. The ones who were complicit in this fraud will be exposed. 
               When this whole system crashes in on itself. How many of trillions of dollars will be part of the rage of the people. The other truth that I think really has everyone scared.Who was part of the participation in this fraud will come to light were more than just Wall Street will go to jail. We could see many though the power structure in the US Government going down with them. Losing money is not their worse fear. It is truth coming out scares them more than losing money. The lie Exposed.  


  1. One can't argue that the proven focus of the American end of the Fed and American foreign policy has not been the dirty work to preserve the decadent opulence of Europe's overpaid genetic slag. Including the top bankers.

    Our national debt has been dumped on by every possible effort to enslave the oil bearing grounds and people of the middle east to achieve these ends. Thanks for the neat and precise way you laid your info out. Too bad the wankers at Time or Newsweek are obsessed by their own scat. They could make money by running your work here. Practice with a pet wild rodent before trying to get work there.

  2. ie- America has been recolonized. Congress mewls on cue. And the Rothschild-Rockefeller CFR has turned the majority of Americans against their own interests through TV and education system dumming down and lies. These lies are, "America, you are perfect". And "America, you are safe." Lying as public news is legal if it covers for organized crime.