Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congressmen Ron Paul Raised More Funds than Romney and Bachman Combined

             This is not the time for the faint at heart and the naysayers. If I hear one more person say"They will not allow Ron Paul to win" I will now consider that person a liability to the cause of freedom. When we say comments that are negative and defeatist.We have already handed the victory to the other side before the first ballot was cast. We seal our fate and we deserve what we get. The power brokers in both parties are not invincible or immune from defeat.They are not omnipotent,omnipresent and all powerful.They put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.  We can set the agenda as long we do not have the defeatist attitude.We can no longer afford that luxury anymore feeling hopeless.Tyranny will be at our front door if we hand another election over to the elites because we did not engage in the process because we did not believe we can win.  This is 2011 and not 2008. Many things have changed working in our favor we did not have back in 2008.
             Regardless of the power brokers in the GOP rolling out the losers like Newt Gingrich who is a globalist establishment stooge. Since 2008 people see who is behind the candidates in both parties is the same corrupt rulers in the shadows who are central bankers in the United States and Europe. Former Governor Mit Romney is out there raising money trying to be a media creation is not working and not raising money. I remember when Sen John McCain in 2008 was about to close up shop almost out of money in his campaign war chest some how by the controlled media won. The media illusion is fading of these media darlings. I do not think the public will by the illusion again. I think this time the game will be harder to rig because there are more wild cards in play the establishment does not control.
             Former Gov.Mit Romney and Rep.Michelle Bachman have been out raising money. Seeing why this congresswoman out raising more money than the governor tells me. They see who Mit Romney is and no matter how many times they roll him out in front of the cameras. People see through him. This is why I think Fox News is losing its audience because they keep rolling out the establishment losers like Romney and Gingrich. The phony conservative movement is fading along with the left right paradigm.
              Even though Representative Michelle Bachman is out raising more money than Mit Romney for a shot at the oval office. Congressmen Ron Paul who has been labeled as Dr. No who has been persistent in his quest for sound fiscal and monetary policy is out raising both candidates. We have a real shot to get it right this time and put our man in office who is anti establishment. How?
              We have to look back and remember how Ron Paul supporters destroyed Rudy Gulliani exposing him as an authoritarian anti gun politician. Rudy was at the top of the polls in the beginning of the 2008 race. We have discredited Rudy completely. We knocked him out of the race. This time it will be different because we have a chance of discrediting the whole field of candidates who are in bed with the bankers and Wall Street.With people on the ropes financially almost homeless.The economic demographics have shifted dramatically.People know who to blame and see the people causing the pain. Barrack Obama is our modern day Herbert Hoover that ushered in FDR in the election 1932 to prolong the depression sending us down a path of socialism and the welfare state. Not calling Ron Paul an FDR.The election of 2012 could be the campaign were Americans start to reverse what FDR has done in 1933.
              Ron Paul has out raised all the candidates because the congressmen is truthful of who is to blame in the downfall of this nation and has upheld the constitution in how he votes in congress. What an honest man can do does have an impact in an age of universal deceit. We can win if we believe.


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  1. Ron Paul Always has my support and Vote!!