Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry and the Legislator Does Not Fear Alex Jones Anymore.

           Alex! I do not give a rats rear end what happens in Japan and Libya anymore. For a person who says this illegal war is a distraction to divert people's attention. Well Alex you are sure buying into the diversion ranting about it. Has anyone heard of the word OVERKILL? These two events are now to the point of overkill were I am fatigued hearing about it day after day.
          I have have not heard of one peep or mention of the Trans Texas Corridor or the NAFTA Super Highway being revived in the Texas Legislator on your websites. What about those Check Points being proposed in the State Senate?Not a word about it from Mr.Jones who moans about abuse of power. Alex has praised Governor Perry more than rebuked him lately. I think the legislator is very happy with you Alex since you could careless about the tyrannical bills being pushed in the state Capital as I write. You rather worry about Japan and Libya. I could careless at this point. There is enough of an eyesore in Texas to worry about than the injustices and tragedies abroad.
          Me and other Texans have been busting our tails trying defeat these bills in the legislator while Alex rants Washington's tyranny at this point is irrelevant  Alex if you are serious about defeating the New World order and the Central Bankers.It starts in Texas.It is certainly not in on Wall Street,Washington DC Tokyo,or Tripoli.The Patriot are not there.The grassroots efforts are not there either. The grassroots patriots are in Texas. If you are serious about freedom and liberty.If you are are serious about state rights. Start paying attention to Texas first. You encouraged us to be our own leaders.We are and we need a little help from you if you take some time in your broadcast to address Texas.We supported you.The Lone Star State is were victory starts. Do not cry to me Alex if Austin outlaws your operation by shutting you down for a zoning violations and your home by decree is taken from you to make way for the Trans Texas Corridor. You had plenty of chances to fight city hall and the state government.You are about to blow it Alex not paying attention to your own back yard. This is a public rebuke.TEXAS FIRST!


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