Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice Guys in Politcs Will Not Take Back America.Being No More Mr.Nice Guy Will.

                  Many people who love America just like myself are frustrated because the people we send to hold office do not fight for the people anymore. The other side of the political isle is not afraid to play dirty politics and use smear tactics to get their way. They will not hesitate to use half truths,lies and demagoguery to win the public relations war. People who hold office are afraid not to create any controversy.It might ruin their chances for reelection. They talk tough on the campaign trail.Once sworn in.It is back to business as usual.
                  The other side demands we maintain a high standard of civility and decorum.Do not raise your voice. No righteous indignation or anger. So called conservative are reduced to being nice guys. The enemies of the republic when they reduce people to being nice use it as a weakness they can always use against them.The truth is the Socialist and Marxist want for this country in not civil. It is not good. It attacks the institutions that made this country great. If a US Senator speaks to his colleagues calling Chuck Shumer ,Lindsey Graham  and Barbara Boxer traitors as enemies of the people on the Senate floor.There would have been a demand for an apology to those Senators and apologize violating the spirit of the institution. At the Same time these three Senators would not hesitate saying Patriots will starve Grandma and the troops will not get payed because we do not want to the debt ceiling raised. They would not hesitate demonizing the opposition at every chance.
                  We do not need nice guys in Politics who will compromise with the other side.We need leaders with moral fortitude who will be unapologetic about what they speak and stand for.Not being ashamed. We need people who will not tone down their rhetoric.The other side is always calling on us to tone it done because it is so controversial.We need all the good men in the congress to step up and start calling out the Speaker of the House John Boehner a globalist and a sell out. We need the tea party congressman inside the party to start marginalizing the people who sold out in the republican leadership first. When Rep. John Wilson shouted "You Lie!"in a speech the President was giving the State of the Union Address. People were ecstatic because he took a moral stand against this lawless President. He had nothing to apologize about.If he would have stood his ground and not cave in and said I am sorry. That would have started a chain reaction were other congressmen starting to stand up to the corrupt leaders in the house.
                  This is not the time to be nice guys trying to get along with thieves,cheats and liars trying to come to an understanding. Nothing good happens trying to be reasonable with them. They have no intention of keeping their word or promises.They do not play by the rules in fair play. There is no room for nice guys dealing with the globalist,Marxist and socialist. They have to be dealt with moral resolve or fortitude. Nice guys can not win against these people. Civility is only for people who do a half ass job. To defeat these tyrants requires moral strength and being stubborn. Why? There is no sense trying to get along with people who want to rob ,kill and pillage the people. Once our public servants come to terms they have nothing in common with these authoritarians in office. Then they can start to defeat them. There is no room for nice guys fighting for the soul of a nation.


  1. When peaceful revolution is made impossible violent revolution is inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy

  2. A little bloodbath once in a while cleans things up.

  3. I have not seen a conservative since Barry Goldwater died. There are just a bunch of loudmouths. And none of the so called CONservatives out there today are anything resembling decent. The teabaggers are just a bunch of windbags and loudmouthed blowhards in love with the sound of their own voices. The bushjunior supporters should apologize to the country for the damage their boy did. sawah palin is an idiot, as is michele bachmann. The boy paul ryan was reduced to whimpering idiocy by the aggressive attack of President Obama the other night. Think about it, the aggressive tactics of President Obama?? wtf. The man who has made his living caving to the wrong wing idiots, and the boy ryan could not handle. john boner the crybaby. Not to mention glennie beck. Then there is rush limpblob, the fat drug addict with multiple failed marriages touristing to the Dominican Republic for whatever action he can find with his viagra there. A long list of disgusting slime inhabits the CONservative universe today. There is no way they can be called anything resembling nice.

  4. its time the people stop giving up
    while our dear elected officials give nothing except to each other and flush the people down the toliets

  5. It's quite a hard job to bring the ranking of money under a guillotine.

    If there is a chance for men to sacrifice to violence they usually goes like dukes to the water.

    Patriarchy likes to get refreshd by violence.