Friday, April 15, 2011

National Strike Day Means This is a Great Time In History to be a Part of

                 We look look back on this point in history. We either will look back in regret because we did not do enough to stop the carnage. We can also look back in pride telling our grandchildren what happened and how we defeated the corrupt depots. It is up to us to determine what direction as a nation and a people will take. It does not matter if we are black,white,Russian or American.It does not matter. We all have the same enemy seeking to break humanity's will.
                   This is a revolution that will not be on a broadcast or televised. It is a undercurrent rising shifting under the feet in the circles of power worldwide. The elite are dieing from a thousand cuts by the alternative media and on the internet. We are making dents in their armor and have them on the run.Their actions show them reacting out of fear and desperation. Not out of any superiority complex.They are losing control no matter how much they think they are in control. That is why the elite I think sent out Lindsey Williams the last two times with disinformation trying to deflect the backlash against them. The middle east countries knows who is behind the uprisings and see where it will go if the globalist have their way. They been exposed.
                     We are living in times we have a choice cower in fear or stand up and say no. We are created in the image of God. We are not made in the image of David Rockefeller. We are not his slaves for his pleasure.We are created with divine talents we can use to defeat these empires and dynasties. These elites are no invincible and not untouchable either. They will be defeated and will fall by the moral rot within and be exposed from without. A major push back I sense is coming they will not expect. It is up to decide were do we want to go. Is it be free or being a slave.It just a matter will we stay on our knees and stand and be the solution. It is up to us .


  1. This might be an excellent idea
    ...if I actually -had- a job.

  2. Oops. Nobody told me and I already went to work.

  3. Thanks, but I'll just keep growin' my weed.

  4. What disinformation are you refering to in reguards to Lindsey Williams?

  5. an altogether useless piece of commentary----- deceptively titled, vaguely informative and empty of content. Wonder what this guys deal is----