Friday, April 8, 2011

What Should the States Role be in an Event of a Long Term Goverment Shutdown.Sovereignty,Secession or Slavery?

                Why are some of the people saying the sky is falling because there is a political stalemate to keep the government running. The truth is life goes on and this is were the states have to take responsibility for themselves without federal help. The dirty little secret federally mandates funded or unfunded bleed the state budgets of unnecessary cost just to comply with the guild lines as part of the agreement. Many of the states voluntary or not were coerced into taking federal money or complying with a directive with the threats of no highway funding if they don't play ball.Even if the Federal government gives funds to the states.All with strings attached cost more to comply with than what Washington gives as I say again.
                 This is the time were state lawmakers need to go into special secession or use procedure to put contingency measures in place in case the Federal government collapses is imminent because there is no more money to keep it functioning. First all states should follow Utah's example and have an alternative currency in place backed by natural resources and commodities the state possesses. State lawmakers should not hold their breath waiting for Washington to come to the rescue. To think Washington will fix the economy and the budget shortfalls is just an illusion.This is a spell that needs to be broken.
                We may see states to declare sovereignty or independence if Washington completely shuts down and no end in sight because of the political gridlock.We can see Montana seceding and many states will follow in a chain reaction to break away from the Federal government and the choke hold of the bankers on the economy.A government shutdown can be a blessing in disguise.We need to call our state lawmakers in whatever state we may live in and demand they take special measures.This they must act on to keep the state government running starting with a monetary system issuing interest free currency and keep the carpetbaggers out.
                The first act of the states in post Federal shutdown is to be self sufficient and self reliant without any outside help from Washington.To demonstrate real state sovereignty is being not being dependent  or subjected to Federal control. The first step in responsibility as a people of a sovereign state. We as a people and the several states we live in must be ready to make that transition from dependence to self reliance.It is up to We the People to chose our destiny and not put it in the hands to decide for us. This is our chance and opportunity to reclaim lost ground.If we step outside the box and not buy into the propaganda of the controlled media.We can have a desired result that other side did not want.That is being free from the Bankers and  no more Federal Control.



  1. Is this even a "real" question?? The answer is DUH!

  2. There is no more rule of law, only evil people with guns who have total disregard for the US constitution. Over 90% of what the US government does is without any legal authority under the US constitution. Having the federal government "stop functioning" due to lack of money is ridiculous. Those bastards will do whatever they want without regard for anyone's rights or what the US constitution says.

    Welcome to AMERIKA.

  3. This is a very important the last time the subject came up the answer was a little bit more bloody and a tad more difficult to arrive at than just typing the letters "DUH"...but maybe that is what technology has bought us...I personally stand for Constitutional Sovereignty, since the fracture of our nation into bits is what I think the globalists yern for...however, it may be very difficult to get back to what President Washington thought of as Liberty!!

  4. Not so fast. Congress can and should resign if they can't stop sucking at the tit of big money. It is gross and it is ruining the country. If they won't let go, we will just have to pull them off and put them in another box. The shame will be theirs. They do NOT have the right to intentionally bankrupt and dissolve the republic. Personally, I prefer (by this time) a firing squad as a remedy because of the millions of deaths and even more injuries because of their willingness to base American foreign policy on European satanism. And those profitting from the accompanying tax cuts should put their true worth in perspective. Many in the finance industry have earned life sentences.