Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another WACO Or A Ruby Ridge To Serve As Damage Control For The Gunrunning Scandal and Politcal Corruption?The Bad Guys Are Getting Desperate

                We see desperation coming out of the Federal Government who has lost all credibility with the people. No one trust them anymore and thanks to the internet.Alternative media is driving the dinosaur old mainstream media to extinction.The people do not believe the government spin and can not trust them to tell the truth anymore. In the past the government staged crisis and created event to distract the public away from negative publicity.
                 On August 21,1992 began the Ruby Ridge incident were Randy Weaver refused to show up in Federal Court for a firearms charge for selling a sawed off shotgun to an undercover Federal agent. When the siege started was over when Federal Marshals doing a routine scouting walk ran into Randy Weaver and his 14 year old son Samuel Weaver was shot in the back by these agents. Then there was the murder of Randy's wife Vikki Weaver shot by a sniper while holding her youngest daughter. The whole Ruby Ridge siege was a black eye on the Federal government because the questionable rule of engagement used during the crisis.
                  It was rumored the ATF might be dismantled because its legitimacy as an agency was called into question.It has been reported in many incidence were the ATF was becoming a brutal and abusing people people since 1988 when George H.W. Bush became President is when the heavy hand of government started to rear its ugly head through these agencies. Negros in the agency were reporting on racism reflected in the conduct in other agents.The ATF was plagued with many scandals up to 1993 that generated bad publicity in the public eye.
                   I believe the raid on the Branch Davidian's home was a way to generate good publicity.To distract the public from all the scandals in the ATF that were numerous. To be seen as legitimate agency and get more funding from congress because they were going after the so called dangerous cult leader David Koresh was the appearance of all evil. The propaganda machine was in full warp drive with the Federal Government controlling the information to the press. When the Federal Government its final act of burning down the Home and Church which resulted in the death of all the occupants. Justifying the final assault because the welfare of the children was the concern as an excuse that ended in tragedy for the Branch Davidians. The ATF were heroes in the media because they went after a nut case evil cult leader with guns. It was all propaganda for public consumption.Two documentaries "WACO The Big Lie" or "WACO The Rules of Engagement " .Both films exposed what really happened that was not reported in the mainstream news media. Both incidents at Waco and Ruby ridge had people from both sides of the political spectrum asking serious questions about the conduct of the government. This is not a left right issue.This is about right and wrong. This scares the establishment that people from both sides coming together united with more than a rebuke.
               Since the Waco raid and  new questions being raised about the heavy hand of the government starting to surface. The militia movement was coming into full swing. Conservative and Patriot Talk radio was was gaining popularity as an alternative source of news. The States rights movement was starting to gain momentum. The Clinton White House was not popular with their Health care bill and gun control legislation.The White Water scandal among others was nipping at the heals of the President Clinton. People had no confidence in his leadership. This resulted in the Republicans taking both houses in Congress after 40 years under the control of the Democrats.The globalist agenda was losing. The state of Oklahoma legislator was in the process passing an Anti UN bill. Than the Oklahoma city bombing of a Federal building happened that allowed the Clinton administration to demonize his opposition and to regain public confidence in Clinton's Leadership. Evidence points what happened in Oklahoma city was a government operation to place blame on the enemies. This killed politically the state rights movement in the name of stopping domestic terrorist.
              September 11, 2001 was to revive the globalist agenda again and to cover up scandals against with the Bush administration On Sept.10 Secretary of Defense was being question about more than a one trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon. Bush was illegally wire tapping American citizens before 911.When 9-11-01 happened and the patriot act passed. This gave the President to justify the illegality of his activities spying on the American people. This was the excuse too to start a war with Afghanistan and Iraq to benefit many corporate and Israeli interest. Then there was the FBI setting up people and groups claiming to bomb this building and pull of some event to justify the draconian patriot act to "keep us safe"lie of those evil Muslims
               Looking at the national climate and the tension between the people and the Government media complex is escalating eclipsing the Clinton era. The corruption in the Obama administration makes all the past presidents look like choir boys in comparison. People are mad Health care bill socializing medicine was rammed down people throats.State secession movements and State right movement are gaining momentum. Gun sales are through the roof. American are becoming armed to the teeth ready to resist. This President is so desperate to divert attention away from his failings by starting wars in Libya and other middle east countries. This has only back fired on him because it is hurting people at the gas pumps. People see this is an unnecessary war and do not want to pay for with high gas prices. People have lost complete faith in his leadership. He can no demonize the second amendment with the Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and the gun running into Mexico.
                We can see another WACO,Ruby Ridge or another siege of the Montana Freeman Standoff as a campaign to smear his enemies which might fail. The case against Hutaree militia is falling apart in Federal court. To convict oathkeeper Sgt Dyer of weapons charges was a failure. The jury found the former Marine not guilty. Regardless of the Federal government failure to gain any momentum attacking the opposition. We must be watchful.They may pull of false flag attack like the did in Oklahoma city to blame the patriots and demonize the opposition.As each days goes by were the resistance is rising day by day against the Federal government.Do not be surprised if the government attacks the America people to cause death on a mass scale to blame it on Muslims and Patriots.They are losing credibility and confidence in the people. They are desperate. You heard it from me. There is nothing they will not try to regain lost power. If they can not pull off a major false flag event soon. They will fall under the weight of all the scandals.


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