Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yemen Protesters Might Have been Hit with Nerve Gas

              There have been reports of Yemen Soldiers opened fire with live bullets and tear gas. There have been reports of deaths from gun shot wounds.  Soldier shot warning shots into the air before shooting gas into the crowds. It was reported that the soldiers used tear gas was used to disperse the anti government protesters.Doctors now say the symptoms are from nerve gas and not tear gas If this is true and confirmed. Then Yemen is in violation of International Law. Reports from medical staff contradict reports tear gas was used and an other chemical agent was deployed There could be an international outcry.
              Doctors treating the anti government protesters said the symptoms are not from nerve gas. People have lost muscular control and paralysis. There were convulsions and many of the patients being treated needed to wear diapers because they lost bladder and bowel control. Physicians in Yemen refuted the claim based on the symptoms that nerve gas was used and not tear gas.  
               If it is confirmed through an autopsy or any other means that nerve gas was used on anti government protesters. There will be a back lash domestically and international if it is confirmed nerve gas was used. For the soldiers who used the nerve gas and shot at unarmed protesters. I hope they face trial once the people of Yemen get their country back. The precedent of the Nuremberg trial is still viable today "I was just following orders is not a defense" These soldiers should be sent before the Hague for breaking international law. There is no excuse.

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  1. Please quote a source. This seems like a story made up out of nowhere.