Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Florida Court Ruled That Collection Agencies Cannot Use Facebook to Contact Debtors

            Collection agencies do play dirty trying to collect on debts.Breaking laws left and right. They have called at people's workplace. In some cases getting people fired. They have threatened people with prosecution and to have wages garnished. They have set up fake judges and courts. They have used the court system and the police power of the state to collect on debts which is illegal because debtors prisons under the US Constitution is outlawed and illegal.
             I know they harass people with phone calls when it is not legal to contact them. They have been nasty to people trying to collect on a debt. These collection agencies have caused many people a lot of stress. It was reported that Debt collectors have been using social networks to get in contact with people looking at pictures to see if they went on vacation or brought a new car harassing people from that direction.
             Now with the economic downturn people do not have the money to pay on debts. Now people are striking back against these collection agencies using civil rights laws and debt collection laws to strike back against the tactics used by collection agencies.
             A Florida Judge ruled that a collection agency can not use Facebook or any other social networking site to locate and make contact with a debtor. This is a shot across the bow against these collection agencies who use dirty tactics harassing people to collect a debt. Just because people are having hard times and can not pay a debt. Does not give the excuse for collection agencies to make people lives a living hell invading their privet life. What this nation needs is a jubilee were every debt is wiped clean regardless if it is public or privet. Than as a nation we can have a fresh start to rebuild our beloved republic with a clean slate.

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