Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why the Tea Party Candidates Went Bust Once In Office(My Opinion)

             I did not have much hope when the Republican Party took back the US House of Representatives. It is not because the Tea Party was co-opted by the neo conservatives.It does play a major part why they are ineffective. I seen many people who won the election with many high hopes of rolling back President Obama's agenda and cutting spending. They wanted to be agents of change and push back the onslaught of big government. They wanted to cut spending and bring the deficit spending under control. I am just telling you my opinion based on my observation. What I learned in kindergarten still applies today even in politics.
              The times I have been very successful in life was because I was surrounded by the right people and when things went bad. The reason was I was around people who had other agendas who used me. The biggest mistake I see these people who ran on the Tea Party platform is they hired staffers who worked on capital hill for years. What makes these staffers not good is these people are well connected to high powered lobbyist and bureaucrats. Their influence tells the freshman congressmen "That is not how we do things here". They may seem like just staffers. But many of these people who worked for congress a staffers for many years are also called handlers the political party places in their office to keep the new congressmen in line advising them how to vote.
                My suggestion is for any new candidates who wins the election. Once the Tea Party politicians are voted out who failed to keep their promises. The freshmen class should not hire staffers who live in the beltway and should bring their own people who they known for years.People they know well with good character who proven loyal to the same principles they campaigned with. It is so important if these Tea Party candidates who want to make an impact to be a success. They have to surround themselves with the right people. This is very important to know. The logic is the same with staffers who work for the political parties.These are the same people who ran the country into the ground.So why do they need their influence when no matter what party is in charge. Nothing changes. Even if the person has to bring people from their hometown they knew all there lives who are trusted and proven. The rule is for the next batch of freshmen congressmen. Stay away from the status quo staffers. So when next election cycle rolls around in 2012. If the people who are the tea party people who failed the people gets the boot. It will be because they listened to the staffer sent by the neo cons more than the people who sent them.
          When a new member of congress is separated from the people who help him and supported him with Washington DC insiders who live in a different world. What aspirations the people's representative may have had  comes under attack by these DC insiders. Part of change is keeping the people close who are like minded and not allowing the staffers who are insiders at a distance. If these new member of congress goes into office knowing. It would really shake up DC more than they think when the insiders are not in control.


  1. sorry it is no surprise they went back on their nonsense. The only principle teabaggers stand for is the principle of being loudmouthed, blowhard windbags in love with the sound of their own voices. Nothing more and nothing less. Spewing a lot of second hand, two bit opinions and whiny anger is all the teabagger parties are about. They fail because they have nothing constructive or of value to add to the discussion. They never will.

  2. I do wonder if the commenter above has ever
    actually been to a tea party? I'll bet not.
    Having gone to over a dozen or more, I can say
    that the tea parties are filled with everyday
    Americans that are concerned about runaway
    spending done by the government. They are not
    "loudmouthed" about it, they are not radical
    by any stretch of the imagination. They are not
    "blowhards". These people are the nicest, kindest people you would ever care to meet.
    Mothers, fathers, and children attend these
    events. These are the kind of people that would
    give you the shirt off of your back if you were
    in need. These are also the workers of America
    that have had enough of the mismanagement of
    our country's finances. If the status quo is
    where you think it's at, then why is our country
    in such financial turmoil? These concerned
    Americans only want to reign in the massive
    deficit spending.. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If you want to sit back and demonize them for
    caring about financial responsibility, and
    you want things to remain as they are, then
    you are apparently living in a world of make
    believe. They said "If it ain't broke, don't
    fix it" right? Well it is broke and there
    are millions of tea party people that want to
    fix it. If your great status quo is so great,
    why are we in the shape we are in? There is
    a good saying, and I think that it is attributed
    to Albert Einstein. He said "the definition
    of insanity is to do the same thing over and
    over again and expect a different result or
    outcome"..(Something like that anyway). So
    in your opinion, we should just do things
    exactly the same and just pretend that we
    are not broke and going into a third world
    status? Alrighty then!

    Dear Tea party patriots.. Please ignore the
    insults delivered by the previous poster.
    I applaud you for at least getting up off of
    your couch to try to make a difference in
    this country. I only wish that some people
    (ah hem) had the fortitude and spirit that
    you posses. See you at the next rally with
    your head held high and your head screwed on
    straight. First they ignore you, then they
    attack you (^^^^^) and then you win! (Ghandi
    said it).

  3. I commend the author for his insight. There is no doubt there are entrenched elements within the establishment. I would add that these same elements extend from congressional aids, to lobbyists, all the way to the boards running corrupt entrenched interests. These elements will hold that there is no need to change speed or course as we are about to impact an iceberg. The sad truth is that we can not avoid a collision unless major changes are enacted. And it does no good having ignorant fools such as the first commenter throwing peanut shells at the valiant few who are willing to at least put some effort to save others from a cold swim.