Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wisconsin Protesters Target Bank that Supported Walker

           Union protesters took aim at a bank that was a donor the Governor Walker's campaign. How the protesters did it was doing a bank run on a local branch of M&I Bank that was a big donor to his candidacy when he was running for Governor. I am glad the protesters are sticking it to the bankers. A citizen fueled movement withdrew almost $200,000 from one local bank branch.
            I wish they go farther than just M&I bank. They should take there money out of Bank of America,Wells Fargo,Chase Bank and all the other banks that took the bailout money. These very banks that were involved in the Fraud-Closure scandal too. Governor Walker is with the bankers who wants to raise taxes,cut services and cut salaries. I hope Wisconsin says no to Austerity measures the Bankers and Wall Street fat cats want.
            For  me I do not trust any bank anymore let alone a career politician. I am glad to the people of Wisconsin are not taking no for an answer on the bill that just passed the State Senate. It is really good the people are not doing any business with the bank to help him get into office. Maybe the protesters should look at the donor list and not do any business with any establishment that donated to Scott Walker's campaign.M&I Bank is just the beginning. These protesters I am glad accepting defeat and are not taking "no" for an answer.The will of the people will speak louder than the bankers.


  1. Tim, from the REPUBLIC of TexasSunday, 13 March, 2011

    Such punitive and mean-spirited measures are fruitless and not helpful to the community. Exactly what you'd expect from a monopolized gang of tax-feeders that is losing some of its privileged looting power.... typical union violence aside, that is.

  2. Shut it Tim you gutless wonder.

  3. Tim, it was the firefighters who led the action. If your house catches on fire why don't you put it out yourself. Or consider making certain brain is in the "on" position before opening mouth.

  4. Tim, from the REPUBLIC of TexasSunday, 13 March, 2011

    LOL! Truth hurts, huh? Yep.

    Anonymous, it's funny you should say that. You see, the firemen in my town are typically available because they aren't busy doing "community organizing" aka lynch-mobbing. And they are proudly non-union, so they (1) have incentive to perform well lest they lose their jobs, and (2) do not spend their time shaking down taxpayers through the local govt via "collective bargaining" and the like.

  5. Yes, Tim, you're a genius. It's not the 14 trillion dollar bailouts, tax cuts for the rich, or our murder-for-profit foreign policy that has bankrupted us and sent al our jobs to foreign countries at pennies on the dollar. No, it's a few million dollars in union workers who are at fault! Yes, they stole all that bailout money! Here's a thought: either you're a lower or middle class worker who should be VERY concerned about this sort of class warfare (and before you talk about "fiscal responsibility," bear in mind that this DEFICIT came because he gave his cronies TAX BREAKS you moron! There WAS no deficit!), or you're one of two things: a shill for the rich, or rich yourself. If you're middle class, then you are a fool: you have been deluded into not supporting your own interests, and for that I am sorry. Hopefully some nice banker takes you in when they evict you.
    If you're rich, then at least your stance makes sense. If you're a shill, your not a very good one, and only serve to illustrate one thing: this sort of thing is being opposed because it was EFFECTIVE. A bank was forced to close its doors or risk going insolvent. That is very real, tangible action. When they bailed out all the banks, that was an attack on the economy, yet I'm sure you wouldn't consider that a "punitive and mean-spirited measure" despite being a direct attack on the buying power of every citizen who doesn't have their nose in the trough. After all, money's more important than people, right? The sad thing is, you're actually attacking other people for supporting their own interests while countermanding your own, and regardless of what sort of flowery words you paint your prose with, you still look like an idiot for this very reason.
    I guess the fact that people like you don't support this is really a good sign. I don't think this sort of a movement could survive your "help." In fact, if you really want to ruin it, perhaps you should start speaking for it.

  6. Geeez - haven't you guys figured out ---- it is the DemPublicans against
    the RobberBarons -- Long as the RB's keep the Democrats and Republicans
    cat fighting they can steal all the money and we will all be in LOW paid jobs-Republicans and Democrats - Whites and Blacks - men and women

    Back to Serfdom.

  7. Tim from the REPUBLIC of TexasMonday, 14 March, 2011

    @Anonymous on Sunday March 13:

    Nice straw man (that I somehow blame the firemen for the general economic crisis).

    Nice ad hominem (that I am either a dupe or hack).

    Now, if you actually have a leg to stand on, you can try to address — dare I say refute? — my actual points.

    I won't hold my breath.