Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Derry Brownfield

            I have to say when I heard of the passing of Derry Brownfield. It almost felt like the last honest man on Earth just passed away. This was a man who lived in a time when hard work was rewarded. He lived through the hard time as well as the good times. He was a rancher and a loved his horses. He was the Will Rogers of the Patriot movement.
             To those who never heard of Derry Brownfield. He was a radio broadcaster for decades who has a specialty talking about issues concerning the agriculture industry. He had a knack of making farmers talk understandable to the person who never lived on a farm. In his final years as a radio broadcaster. He was on Republic Broadcasting Network at one time and Genesis Communication Network today.
               Derry brownfield was known for not backing down from what he believed in. He took on exposing Monsanto,and Agenda 21. He took a stand for private property rights. He is a man who told the truth about the agriculture industry and never backed down exposing GMOs. Even when some of his sponsors threatened to pull their advertising ads from the show because he talked about the mafia tactics of Monsanto. Derry kept moving forward and did not compromise to suit the his advertisers. He was an example about doing what is right the old fashioned way.
               Derry Brownfield passed away quietly in his sleep on March 12,2011. He died doing what he loved to do being as a rancher and being a broadcaster to the patriot movement. He had common sense in the way he talked which made him an icon that will be sorely missed. Derry was a reminder when common sense was the norm and when bureaucratic incompetence was considered taboo. Derry will be missed by many who look to him for information and just plain old fashioned common sense.Derry!if you can hear me" Well done good and faithful servant"We will miss you.

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