Sunday, March 13, 2011

Members of the Alaska Militia Arrested.

             It looks like the government is getting desperate to demonize gun owners and patriots. The shooting of a congresswoman did not work because the shooter had left wing views. That backfired. Then there was the Hutaree Militia in Michigan were there was allegations claiming they wanted to murder police. The there was the Oathkeeper Sgt Dyrer who accused of raping some woman so they can search the house to find weapons in home to file charges against him. All have backfired on the government trying to make a case.
              A Federal Judge released members of the Hutari Militia because the allegations were frivolous statements made by a FBI informant as grounds to arrest people. Than there is Sgt Dyer who was acquitted by a  jury in Federal Court of all the charges in Oklahoma. The Federal government is working desperately to try to demonize the patriot movement. Just because there is feds trying to look for people to arrest. They want to make the patriot groups,gun ownership and militias bad.
               They are looking for a villain to clamp down on the population.The FBI stings from the first WTC bombing to so called terror cells were all sanctioned by the Federal government to set a group of people up to justify the war on terror.These cases are falling apart so fast.They are desperately trying to get something to stick to justify taking away our rights.
                Now Militia members in Alaska are now arrested for so called plotting to kidnap a judge and kill police officers. Was this a FBI operation to set someone up. Like all the other cases. I really do not think the charges will stick with this group of people either because the FBI informants like all the rest who tried to set up Muslims and militia members have lacked credibility to justify that we must surrender our right to keep us safe from those evil Muslims and those patriots.
                 I really believe now that the government lost all credibility with the people and can not be trsted to tell the truth to the people.Look at this latest arrest of Alaskan Militia members with great suspicion.In the days to come. The truth will come out the government was caught again with their pants down again and the whole case will unravel one more time exonerating the people arrested. The government can not even lie good anymore.

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  1. Posted by (Nothing trashy on it) We as people of God and as citizens of the united states, need to take action against these unwarranted harrassements of these family men who have risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honour, to bring freedom back to this country. This is what they have risked for us, imprisonment, allegations brought against them to defame their (and our) cause, and unjust punishment right in front of our faces, flaunting their arrogant disrespect of what we believe and our forefathers believed. We are just as guilty as they are if we stand by and allow this to happen. We all understand the ramifications of these actions that have been forced upon us and we all understand what it will cost these men and all of us who beilieve in our constitutional rights in the future.

    What can we do? Now that is the question that we always ask while lying or sitting around in the comfort of our homes, agitated by the infringement of the authorities in someone elses lives. i think we need to mean it when we ask it. Begin with at least two determined efforts a day. Write letters to the courts in Alaska, tell your friends and involve them. Raise money to assist in the every day living of the wives left alone at home. etc These guys have fought for our country as surely as our sons in Afganistan have fought. They are without their families, suffering persecution. Do not let up with what ever ideas you come up with, and i know there is a lot more that we can do. Do not get distracted by anything-including the fervor over Japan. As important as all that is, we still have fellow patriots sitting behind bars. UNJUSTLY.
    Let this sit so heavily on your conscience that it disturbs you to sit and eat at night and to watch tv in comfort. These are OUR sons! As surely as they take this abuse now, our children will be taking it later.

    Pray without ceasing. Be seperate from the world, come out from among it because light has no communion with darkness. Reproove the evil, take up your armour (eph 6) and remember that tho we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but powers and principalities of darkness, we are not helpless against these uncircumsized Philistines! God is mighty! So lets pray this minute, petition God in this very second to save and redeem. And then lets do our part. Dont rest til our sons are out.