Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Impeach Obama for one Issue. There is a Long list to choose from.

              There should have been calls for impeachment for a array of issues. First what about abuse of power. Barrack Obama is circumventing the constitution.He can be impeached for contempt of court because the courts have ruled his Health Care law is unconstitutional by a few Federal judges. The president plans on still implementing the health care legislation regardless even if the US supreme court rules it unconstitutional.We have a lawless administration that will not stop unless there is steps taken to either put constitutional limitations on the executive branch or remove him from office.Congress must take action to put a check on the powers of the Commander and Chief.
             When we thought President Clinton abused his authority when he was in the oval office was bad. Barrack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like an eagle scout when it comes to appointing czars and using decrees.He is implementing Cap and Trade without the approval of congress and bankrupting the coal industry for executive fiat. This is why Texas had the rolling blackouts.This is why we face an artificial scarcity on electricity.
               We need to pressure congress to bring articles of impeachment for much more serious charges than just the Defense of Marriage Act.It is not hard to find much stronger charges. If he is not stopped. He will wreck this country and turn us into a third world nightmare if serious action is not taken now.



  1. Where were you from 2000-2008?

  2. He's bad, but not as bad as bush. His main abuses of power are prosecuting whistleblowers, not closing gitmo, keeping bernanke, not stopping the wars, bailing out the banks, not prosecuting BP, and allowing the TSA to abuse their power..

  3. You're right about Obama is being worthy of impeachment and/or a prison cell.

    Yet, I notice that you didn't include on your list his failure to prosecute GW Bush (et al) for the host of felonies he committed.

    Indeed, the WORST things Obama has done have been his continuation and extension of policies implemented by Bush.

    I'll ask you straight out: do you think Bush was a good guy?
    Because if you condemn Obama but defend Bush, I'd say that would be more than just a little bit hypocritical.

    From where I sit, Clinton, the Bushes and Obama are all pretty much the same, and not one of them worth a tinker's dam and they should all go to jail.

    Liberty & Justice,


  4. Bush is out of office. Concentrate on NOW. Bush and his cronies should all be tried for treason and imprisoned/executed, but let's do something about the current Abuser in Chief, shall we?

    Dump the democrats AND republicans. They are two crime families robbing and destroying America.