Friday, March 4, 2011

Congresswoman Has a History Being Abusive to Her Staff

           It is never a dull moment reading about what members of congress do. I wonder how do these dingbats keep getting reelected to go back to Washington DC. If I were a Houstonian. I should be embarrassed that Sheila Jackson Lee keeps getting sent back to congress every two years. She is from Texas which makes it more baffling. This woman is famous introducing anti gun and anti freedom bills that goes against the will of the people of Texas. This woman blew off a constituent answering her cell phone while the person she is supposed to represent was asking a question about Obamacare.
           Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is an ethics nightmare. She has violated election laws last election talking to voters in the polling place. She demanded hurricanes be named after black names. She is a character. This representative of the people of Houston Texas has tried to find racism were there was no racism in Super Bowl commercials. She in injected herself into local matters when there was a scandal with the Houston Fire Department using the race card over an incident were a firefighter seeing a noose in an other mans locker was racist like it was a cross burning.If they did not do what she wanted. She threatened to bring in the justice department. She has made much effort to inflame race relations than improve it.
           Now World Net Daily article written reveals Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has the highest turnover of staff than anyone in congress. It has been documented her calling her staff Mother Fuckers or has mentally abused people in her office in years past. A few have stood up to her like drivers and a handful of former employees. What this tells me and should be a message to the black community in Houston. This congresswoman is not fit to hold office. It is time for the local black leaders to reevaluate who they endorse. Sheila Jackson Lee like many of her Republican colleagues are bought and payed for by the same plantation bankers that seeks to enslave everyone. It does not matter if they are Black,White or Hispanic. She is a gatekeeper of the same slave master as her GOP colleagues are. We are all slaves if we keep sending people like Sheila Jackson Lee back to congress.
           We have been challenged to shatter to the left right paradigm  in politics revealing both political parties are controlled by the same rulers in the shadows. We also have to shatter the race paradigm too. We have to reach out and tell our black countrymen that people like Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are on the payroll by the same power brokers to keep us from never coming together to fight the globalist.
             If congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee treats her staff with the lack of dignity. It shows her arrogance is on full display for the people to see in her district. If she thinks of her staff with this condescending view.It shows how she really thinks of her constituents too as nothing more than voters she pays lip service around every election so she can be sent back to betray the people who reelected her one more time. We need to remove people like Sheila Jackson Lee from office.
            She is not there to improve race relations or help bring better opportunity for black Americans. She is one of the stooges to further harm race relations keeping black and white fighting so we the people can never unite against the Globalist bankers. We need to reach out to local black leaders and expose to them the hierarchy of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been deceiving them for many years. They are not there to help race relations and healing of the nation. They are their to divide the races so we can never come together against the real slave masters. The Federal Reserve Bank. The same slave master who wants the blacks kept on the plantation. Exposing the bankers is not a race issue. It is an American issue and we must keep people like Sheila Jackson Lee from telling us any different.



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  2. Many years ago I heard Ron Dellums (then a congressman from California, now the mayor of Oakland) say that the word "nigger" was actually appropriate to anyone of an oppressed class. So, one could be a woman nigger, or an old person nigger, or a black nigger, or a handicapped nigger. Or even a nigger several times over if one belonged to a number of these classes.

    In the words of the Last Poets: "Wake up Niggers, 'fore y'all through!"

  3. Hey!, don't use terms like "house nigger" to describe Jackson-Lee, she would have been limited to field work due to her uppity & defiant nature.
    I would never trust her around my house!

  4. Black people, especially in Texas, seem to have a problem understanding that public office is for serving others. They think the office was created to serve them. In Dallas County alone, it's almost impossible to find a black person in public office that doesn't try to bleed out as many perks from a government job as they possibly can. Abuse of staff is always present. John Wiley Price is the poster boy for this kind of behavior.

    But, hey, I tried. I voted for some of these people. But never again. If I discover someone that's running for an office is black, they automatically don't get my vote. I just can't take that chance anymore.

  5. Many black people, exclusively Democrats, in public office, are there to seek revenge on white people and American culture. Our president, his wife and his attorney general are clear examples.

    Sheila Jackson Lee adds a large dose of asshole witch to the mix.