Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is Texas Independence Day .The 175th Anniversary

            What is sad today. Today is Texas Independence Day and we do not hear a peep in the news today about this day in history.We hear about what Charlie Sheen says today or yesterday like that is really important. To me I really do not care about what the actor says or does. He is not the one groping my hot looking future wife at the airport or stealing my wealth by hyperinflation. I wish TMZ  chase down Ben Bernake and ask him questions than harass Charlie Sheen. Not a peep about this day in history. I will say this day in Texas history is more important than who was the best or worst dressed at the Oscar ceremony.
            There are many parallels about the early Texans and what we are facing today. Many Texans were offered to settle in the land what was under the rule of Spain at the time. They were issued Spanish Land grants to settle and work the land till Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Many of the American settlers who settled in Northern Mexico were escaping the crushing death grip of the US economy under the Second Bank of the United States from one end. The another direction General Santa Ana declared himself the dictator of Mexico ignoring the Mexican Constitution of 1824 oppressing the people of Mexico. The settlers or North Mexico which is Texas today decided to rebel against the Mexican General who declared himself dictator and above the law. Like the founding of this nation we call the United States and Texas had a series of events before there was a Declaration of Independence. It did not matter if it was the King of Great Britain ignoring the Magna Carta or the Mexican General ignoring the Mexican Constitution of 1824.Similar events happened  prior to declaring independence in both revolutions.
             Prior to the founding fathers meeting in Independence Hall to declare independence.Then there was the shot heard around the world at Lexington and Concord that brought the American war of Independence into a full blown conflict. There was the Boston Massacre were British soldiers opening fire on a crowd fuel much anger among the colonist.In Texas there was the mass murder at Goliad and Bexar to the stand off at the town of Gonzalez were Mexican soldiers tried to fetch the cannon and muskets from the people. That is were the slogan saying "come and take it" comes from. Many events transpired like this that fueled tensions on both sides. In both cases the people seen Independence as the only solution because the governments they were under could not be repaired in its present state of corruption. Being their own nation was the only option after petitioning redressing grievances was responded to with a long train of abuses,repeated injuries and usurpations.
             On this day 175 years ago delegates met in what is called the Washington on the Brazos declared Independence from Mexican rule and began forming a government to be recognized by the nations of the world. At this time the Alamo was under siege by the Mexican Army with less than 200 men defending the old Spanish Mission.
              How does this affect today? I do not know how to describe the Texas legislator. They pay much lip service hailing Texas Independence day.At the same time their actions do not reflect it at all in how they are conducting business in the state capital.They are ignoring the will of the people of Texas. The State of Texas is facing rolling black outs because of carbon regulations from the EPA. We have collapsing currency called the Federal Reserve Note.Hyperinflation in food and fuel prices will further weaken the States economy. Texas can not pump from its own oil fields to provide for the general welfare of the people.A criminal act creating an artificial scarcity. Farms and ranches being shut down by the FDA/USDA by regulation that favors big agricultural corporations over the family farms. We have an administration in the White House that will not stop its rampage over states rights and has no intention on backing off till everyone in Texas is destitute to the point of being homeless.What is the Texas State legislators response? Pet licenses for cats and slot machines to make up for it budget shortfall.Were is the logic in that. There isn't any. What good are pet licenses if people are so broke and can not afford to feed a pet anymore. What good are having slot machines? If the people are so poor and tapped out. They do not have two nickles to rub together to put in these slot machines. So what good slot machines will do when State lottery sales are down too. That is a strong indicator it will fail. It seems the present state of the Texas Legislator is the lights are on but no one is home.
          The storms that are ahead can be averted if the lawmakers in the several states will act. We do not have to experience hyperinflation in the supermarkets and at the gas pumps. We can separate ourselves from the death grip of the bankers and the International Monetary fund.Iceland did it. So can we stave off an economic crisis by declaring independence and politically divorcing ourselves from Washington DC? The people of Texas back in 1836 believed they can do better without the Mexican government. The early colonist knew they would be better off being their own nation than under the rule of the British Crown in 1776. In both turning points in history that time for pleading,petitioning and trying to make deals to prolong the agony were off the table. They did not compromise and stood their ground. They rather live free or die. Texas can do better as an independent nation.Sam Houston said"Texas will lift its head again and stand among the nations"
           On this day 175 years later.The Texas legislator will be forced to come to the realization that they can not compromise and make deals with people in Washington DC anymore. Have they learned anything from history? Do they understand if they try to be nice to a tyrant. They will always lose. They can not afford to ignore the realities of the impending chaos that will come. Pet licenses for cats and slot machines will not solve the crisis. They have to face it head on and use the remedies the Texas Constitution and the Federal Constitution outlines.  Texans can not afford to be nice guys anymore. When the Texas army finally defeated the Mexican forces.They did it not being kind anymore.It was being no more Mr Nice guy. Texas it is time to be bold. The days of being nice are over.
            On March 5th on the south steps of the capital. People are talking about staying out there for days till the Legislator hears the will of the people. The people of Texas are through being nice.They want action now. No more political lip service will work. They days of being nice are gone. There is no such thing coming to an understanding with people who seek to plunder and pillage using the force of government. If the State politicians believe they can find common ground with them. They are sadly mistaken and get the shaft every time.




  1. Amen.. Well said.

  2. Good article.

    We are addressing it; we are having a citizens' convention in Texas under Article 1, Section 2 of the Texas Constitution which is a constitutional fail-safe for the people, allowing us to even abolish our government if necessary in order to restore the rule of law and initiate protections necessary for the benefit of Texans. Join us or learn more at

  3. nobodysaysBOO:
    The carpetbagers never left MEXUS!

    What if we native sons, (Secretly)let blackwater steal oil and ues some of the cash to attack mexico and washington? we still have nuclear wepons. PANTEX ect. HMMMMM.
    Perhaps the mob should meet at Pantex instead of sold out Austin.

  4. PS: Mr NICE GUY?
    Hon.Sam Houston WAS mr. nice guy
    He let that little MEXICAN PIG go free !!!
    WHY? WHY? maybe the YELLOW ROSE knew why.
    The little bastard came right back AGAIN!
    If MR.SAM had hanged him by his neck till he was stone cold DEAD we could STILL be a Republic of Texas.
    The BUSH crimes come to mind in terms of hanging criminals,Terxas could have saved the WORLD a lot of hurt if we hanged all the BUSH's and their PIGs.

  5. When I find a Bush on my property, I dig it up, chop it up, and burn it.