Saturday, March 19, 2011

Russia And South Korea Getting Ready for Possible Contamination From Passengers Arriving From Japan While Our U.S. Government Does Nothing But Lie To Us

             I have to give my special thanks to a good Lady friend in the Russian Federation who lives in Volgograd for bringing this news to my attention about the actions taken by the Russian government in their response to the passengers arriving from Japan and the steps they are taking to protect public health from radioactive contamination. Some are wondering in other countries. Why the US Government is not taking more action to protect the public from this health threat.
             It is so embarrassing that the Untied States Government just does not care about the American people anymore. Nor will our Goverment want to do anything to stop the contamination from spreading off airplanes from Japan out in the population. It does not want to help and it has showed its indifferent attitude it has toward the people. They want to ignore the problem and hope people get sick or does not care if people drop dead because of it.
            Not for the South Korea and the Russian Federation. These two countries are prepared to take all steps necessary to protect its people from radiation poisoning.Both nations are ready when a passenger gets  off the plane from  Japan arriving in Moscow or Seoul. In both countries customs are ready to deal with people who have high levels of radiation on their clothes before releasing them into the population.These countries are playing no games and will take all necessary precautions to contain the spread.
              Not so for the people of the United States. They are ignoring the threat to public health by allowing people to go right out in public after passing through customs. They do not care regardless if the meter go off the charts.The government no longer works for us . They show no concern for the officers who inspect for US customs.These people are at risk as well as other personal like flight attendants and other agents in close contact with these people from Japan .The US governments interest is no longer serving the American people.It is serving the bankers through austerity or the oil barons bombing Libya so they can jack up the price on a barrel of crude oil.It helps the Bankers and the Oil Companies.Certainly not us.


  1. The only good from this is the goon squads at the US airport will get the poison from groping the JAPS!

  2. Its 'declare war on the U.S.' by the same American leaders who have declared war on the rest of the world. Every time our top leaders think of our soldiers struggling, emotional, talking over their innermost secrets and crying, the blood leaves their heads and goes someplace else. Our present government 'leaders' were conditioned to be like this. Sound looney? Of course it does, just like loading the WTC's I,II and 7 with therma(i)te top to bottom during construction in the middle of a huge metropolis like N.Y.C. That happened too.
    Keep it legal.