Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TSA Sued Over Arrest Because He Had the Fourth Amendment Written On His Chest

             We have heard to TSA horror stories. In is very outrageous to hear about when people assert the constitutional God given rights.The TSA converts it to a crime calling a person a criminal. Just like they convert the term sexual assault to an enhanced pat downs. Porno Shots turned into full body scanners. If a person complains about the treatment the TSA gives at a airport. They are now on a terrorist watch list.
              A man is suing the TSA because he was arrested for having the fourth amendment written on his chest telling them all the security measures the TSA is doing violates a person's rights being subjected to an unreasonable  search and seizure without cause. Since September 11, 2001 The TSA has failed to stop and terrorist. The only thing the TSA has stopped is people getting a manicure on the plane because nail clippers are considered a weapon.
              I hope TSA keeps getting sued and loses every time. I hope to see arrest and  jail time for these people who violate a persons personal dignity. A person who writes the Fourth Amendment on his chest giving the TSA notice that they are breaking the law of the land. They are not only violating the fourth amendment of this man from Virginia . It also violates freedom of speech and travelers should not be punished as a trouble maker because they file a grievance either. Just because a person who asserts his constitutional rights.Does not mean he is a criminal  and should never be converted into a crime.


  1. I guess TSA is more than happy to be sued as often as possible. Nobody of them will personally ever face not only a jailtime, but a hair dropped from the head; the only consequence will be paying the settlement with taxpayers' money, without even admitting any wrongdoing, which is the outcome in 99% of cases; thus even more business for the lawyers and increase in TSA budget for legal purposes. What could be better than that?

  2. All government employees should be required to carry malpractice insurance so the taxpayers are not liable when they get sued. The bad ones will be forced out of the government when their insurance rates increase. If that works for the private sector why not the public?