Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prepare to Stock Up on Food in Case Radioactive Fallout Reaches the United States

               Every year where I live in Texas being so close to the Gulf of Mexico. People are encouraged to stock up on supplies in case these storms make landfall. Power may be down and services maybe cut off. Having water and food stored as a precaution as a contingency measure is not at all a bad idea. Even if a storm never makes landfall. Being prepared is better than being caught off guard.
              In the recent events in Japan with the earthquakes cause radioactive melt down at their nuclear plants at a crisis level. This could affect the food supply Meteorologist looking at the wind patterns and the jet stream. Radiation coming to American shores to almost predicted to be inevitable.We can hope the worst of the radioactive fallout falls into the ocean and the effect of contaminated particles will be at a minimal.We can not rely on what experts say on the controlled media to say we have no worries. We have to make the choices ourselves. How the government handles the BP oil spill says. Do not trust a word. What ever these lame brains experts say. Do the opposite.
              Even if it does not become a crisis. Many things can disrupt the food supply. It does not have to be radioactive fallout.Earthquakes ,insurrections or any other major events can bring a disruption .We can not trust to government to take care of us. We have to do it ourselves and are responsible to make that determination to prepare. Being ready is the best protection.If you still believe the US Government will take care of you. I have ocean front property in Omaha Nebraska I want to sell you.


  1. Beware anybody who seems too pushy or thinks their power comes from on-high instead of from the consent of the governed. Multiple felons are running the White House (Thanx, TV!), and they already have already lost all sense of decency when dealing with others. Be smart. Turn off your TV set and learn what you need to know.

  2. you guys really are going off the deep end now. All we have is hyped reports saying how catastrophic this is...AND NO HARD DATA. I have not seen any air monitoring data.

    The PTB are instilling fear into people. Sure there is danger at the waste sites but I do not believe any real threat is posed to Toyko, let alone the USA.

    Another scare tactic to get folks to run out and do stupid things....like buy stuff you'll probably never use again. That is their intentions....spend that money and keep the economy going.

  3. Hey I just got here. Has Glenn Beck or the Tea Party linked the Japan Earthquakes/Tsunamis to Al-Qaida or Muslims yet?

  4. Actually this article is spot on. And it's not hard to tell who the ones are that are in deep deep denial. Those will be the ones to suffer first and the worst. That's ok go back to your dream world and American Idol. Everything is fine
    so says the great and powerful government who is never wrong about anything(nudge nudge wink wink)

  5. I agree that this post is spot-on. Certainly in these present times one must beware any message of fear. Messages based in fear are suspect: government, organized religion, etc. But there is such a thing as common sense, being prepared, if you have the means to do so.

    Preparedness comes into play when you look at the last 10 years or so in terms of what the government has said regarding disasters, and their ensuing actions. It took them nearly 10 years to partially respond to the 9/11 first responders.

    They were wrong about Katrina, initially saying it would take weeks to restore New Orleans and the affected Gulf regions. They were wrong about the BP spill in terms of cost and health effects and they will likely be wrong about anything going forward.

    Our government has demonstrated repeatedly that they largely don't care about the general population. Their cares lie with their corporate controllers and the banks, period. Everything else is bread & circus to keep the population from engaging in a full-blown revolt.

    If they do announce danger in terms of radiation, it will likely be too late or understated. Do your own research. Prepare accordingly. It just makes sense.

    Radiation Network:

    Upcoming anti-FED protests:

  6. EVERYONE KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE USA.."RAD" LEVELS POSTED ON THIS SITE http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html

  7. Phyllis Hull
    EVERYONE KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE USA.."RAD" LEVELS POSTED ON THIS SITE http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html ...ALSO LOOK AT... http://www.bt.cdc.gov/radiation/

  8. Realman2020 would be more persuasive if his written english were improved. I suggest that he read over his item before posting it, or get a better-writer friend to review it.
    Regarding the urge to stock up, I suggest that we buy only items that we usually eat and make sure it has a long shelf life and is rotated regularly.

  9. Since December 2000, I realized that our government is no longer working for the American people. I have been gathering survivalist stuff since then.When I saw how the bush people ignored the victims of Katrina I knew we were responsible for ourselves from now on. Now that our government is brought and paid for by the monied interests all Americans must realize that whatever party is in power we are all screwed. A commenter above made a comment about the current white house being controlled by felons then what were the bush people in your opinion? That said get prepared and expect the worst if it doesn't come to fruition at least you'll be prepared for the next disaster because more disasters are coming sooner rather than later. And we are all on our own because with those in power there is no profit in protecting it's citizens.

  10. Be prepared to help others, not shoot them, and really beat the PTB at their game of separation.

    It's time to gather round the fire and talk like real people, not like conditioned, fear-filled, puppets of the masters.

    Love will always be the answer.

  11. i'm telling ya...they got you scrambling like rats...AGAIN! Can anyone in this room tell me what the radiation levels are 100 miles out from the nuclear reactors? That's right...no one can because no one gives a shit about facts. So continue to run around like headless chicken. They'll make dinner of you yet.

  12. To Anonymous above...

    Why do you come here at all? Do you think your pontificating and name calling will have any affect? I could care less what you think.

    The biggest pain in the ass on the web are the anonymous posters who need to build on their fragile egos with these sort of posts...don't you have a site you can go to and talk with others like yourself? This certainly isn't one for you.

  13. To Anonymous above...

    I could care what your name is. There is no global catastrophe. The likelihood of radiation reaching the USA at measurable quantities (at present) is virtually zero. I go to all the sites...the blogs spreading the doom and gloom and fear on baseless facts. WHy? Because they are doing exactly what the PTB want them to do. To React!! Just like you. God knows if you had to think about things and reason things out.

    Just get the facts before YOU pontificate. Because they are making you look like a fool which is all to common in the USA.

  14. Here Frank...if you are in your bunker, light a candle and read some real news. Good night doomers.


  15. The title of this was "...in case the fallout reaches the United States." There was no "doom and gloom" involved in the piece, just logical thoughts about survival. It is you who brings the negative spin for whatever reason you choose.

    Not caring what my name is indicates much on your level of social development. You'd rather BS with other non-real people and "win" some argument or point or whatever. Is dogismyth on your SS card? Oh, I see, it is supposed to be a "handle" or something right?

    The difficulty of finding intelligent, coherent, constructive discussion is nearly absent now on the web because of people like you who make assumptions of others intelligence. Name calling and disrespecting others is your only card. It's really sad.

    Again, why do you choose to come here and disrupt other's discussions?? Does it make you feel tough or superior to act this way?

  16. Wow, most of you who said the fallout wouldn't reach the USA were a bunch of MORONS - let me tell YOU something - it is in my state - it is NOT broadcast on the news - and it will kill all of us. I have been desperately trying to find a source of food I can buy a TON of supplies from that is still virtually safe to buy and I cannot think of anything and whoa surprise!!!! There isn't one single website on the entire internet that tells you WHAT you should buy....to be honest I may already be too late...bought some water...and I need to buy a lot more - but as far as food I have absolutely no idea - do you know that they are still telling people in Japan that things are at low levels and acceptable levels even though all reactors are now destroyed, yes DESTROYED - let's not cause panic but let's let everybody die instead cause we can't do anything about it and don't care ( the government ) and how did it get here so fast to the USA, MY STATE?! THE JETSTREAM!!!! BRINGING RADIATED RAIN!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! DO YOUR RESEARCH THESE EXPERTS LIE!! THERE IS NO SAFE AMOUNT OF RADIATION ESPECIALLY INGESTED!! THE RAIN WATER FALLS ON THE SOIL FOR CROPS GETS INTO COWS MAKING MILK THE MOST TOXIC AND INTO OUR WATER SYSTEM AS WELL!!!! THIS may be the most useful post you ever read in your ENTIRE life! Don't believe me about things? Just do a little research....