Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homeowners Association Fines Parents for Noisy Toddler

            I have a really hard time with this one. I have two sons. I lived in an apartment complexes and duplexes. My sons were just as playful and jumpy. They cry and make noise as little toddlers do. I got use to the noise and learned to live with it.I learned to live with my neighbors little rug rats too. Trying to keep them quiet is like telling the wind to stop blowing. It is really very ludicrous and getting more obvious these Homeowners Associations like government want to run ever facet of a persons life.
            In Dallas Texas a family was fined for a noisy toddler. The parents done everything possible to keep things quiet being mindful of the other residents.Some how the homeowners association told the parents they received numerous complaints about their noisy toddler. I wonder who is complaining? In this politically correct age of cowards. If anyone has a problem with someone. They do not confront them individually anymore. Instead they make anonymous complaints so they never have to be confronted or their credibility challenged.Seeing how people abuse this process hiding behind confidential complaints .Now I know why the Founding Fathers put in the Constitution the right of the accused to confront the accuser.So people can not use the justice system as a weapon against an other for personal revenge.
             I would like to know what jurisdiction does the Homeowners Association to fine a couple for their noisy child? How does Children bring down property values? This is the same Homeowners association that told a disabled veteran to remove his decals that honored the Marine Corps on his private vehicle because of complaints. I wonder were in the Bylaws of this Homeowner Association gives them the right to infring like this?.Where does it give them the authority to fine parents for normal activity of a child? Where does infringing on a persons free speech whether it be flying the flag or bumper stickers on a person's person car have to do with property values?I see they over stepped there perimeters. I do not think property owners who pay dues did not consent to this power grab by a committee of petty tyrants.
            There has been legislation brought before the Texas Legislator to reign in these Homeowners Associations. All these bills never made it out of committee. I see it is time people who own homes who pay dues to these organizations.They need to get up off the couch and miss Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy once in a while to attend these meetings. Just like government.Property owners need to keep an eye on these associations and hold them accountable just like we hold our elected servants. If we do not.They will keep giving themselves power not granted to them by the dues paying members. When people do not attend these meetings and keep watch on what the committees are deciding. This only shows the lack of involvement and apathy is all the consent they need to make the decision for us we do not want.

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  1. This is why I would NEVER move into a HOA. Those on the boards are usually little Hitlers. It is time for the HOA to go the way of the dinosaur.