Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Torture of PFC Manning?

              Has the military officers who run the brig have to be reminded of their oath to the constitution no to inflict cruel and unusual punishment??Do they know what the UCMJ procedure for the accused is?(That is the Uniform Code of Military Justice) Or are the commanders of the brig looking for a promotion from the minions in the Pentagon if they do their dirty work.
              To remind the people who are in charge of the well being on PFC manning. That includes the private to the Sargents(NCOs) all the way up the chain of command. Do you have to be reminded the ruling of the Nuremberg trials.Do you know what the precedent of those proceedings was?The excuse saying" I was just following orders" is not a defense" Soldiers who carry out these illegal and immoral orders will be held accountable.
              Rumor is and is reported that PFC Manning who is accused of being a part of the Wiki-leaks scandal is being tortured by sleep deprivation and dehumanizing techniques to get a confession.No matter what piece of legislation was passed by Congress and singed by the President. The law of the land still stands. It is not the Patriot act or the President giving himself the power to declare anyone an enemy combatant. It is the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People who may have disdain and contempt of PFC Manning should take a second look before they say "give him hell for being a traitor". PFC Manning does have rights even though he is being accused.If he wants to remain silent and only speak to when assistance of council is present.That is his right. Even if he is guilty. He is entitled to due process under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The principle is maintaining the integrity of the system regardless of guilt or innocence. Even the UCMJ forbids cruel and unusual punishment too of the accused.
              This is a matter we should not allow our emotions to govern or dictate PFC Manning's fate. No matter how bad a person is accused.They have right under the bill of rights and the UCMJ. It was sad that only the low level soldiers were punished and the upper chain of command goes unscathed from accountability . For you low level military personal thinking the chain of command will stand behind you?Do you remember what happened to PFC England?She is not getting a medal for a good performance?She is serving prison time for doing what she was told to do at Abu Graib. The chain of command thew her under the bus to save their own hides. None of the field grade officers are serving prison time in the stockade. I am not saying PFC England and PFC Manning are angels or innocent. PFC England was held accountable as she deserves to be under the UCMJ. PFC Manning still deserves his day in court. As American people we need to say no to torture as a means of justice without a trial.It is inhumane and it is wrong.It goes against every fabric of decency we stand for and hold dear.


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