Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Secretary of State Hillery Clinton is Parsona Non Grata in Egypt

               Congressmen Ron Paul was right and still is on the money about how our foreign policy has disestablished the Middle East in putting into power puppet dictators to the do the bidding of Israel and the United States. The Empire is the United States is crumbling because it has spread itself so thin around the world. Financially we as a nation can not afford to send aid to prop up dictators or troops to occupy foreign soil.
               Last month the Egyptian  people revolted against the dictator President Mubarak because he was a western puppet. People were sick and tired of living in poverty with the rising prices on food. They were sick and tired of being suppressed and oppressed  by a dictator doing the bidding of his western masters. People had had enough of the United States meddling in the country's internal affairs. They want no more western influence in their country. They no more want to be Israel's puppet either.
              Secretary Hillery Clinton came to Egypt today and was snubbed by the leaders of the revolt ousting the western puppet. They see the United States trying to double cross the revolution by placing another globalist stooge in power after they overthrew another to maintain continuity of control. They see trouble in this woman and who she represents Not the people of the United States by the President and his corporate masters in banking and industry.The people of Egypt does not want nothing to do with the bankers or any globalist interest. Kudos to the Egyptian people for showing their displeasure in her presence on their soil.They know she is nothing but trouble. To the people of Egypt. Hillery does not speak for me.

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