Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let the Government Shut Down! I Do Not Care Anymore. No Government is Better than Big Goverment

               I love how these global elites call our elderly and handicapped people useless eaters.A drain on the system. For me I would like to say what about the useless eaters and dead weight in the bureaucracy?The SEC is downloading porn on government computers while Wall street loots people's pension funds out the back door. The TSA is stealing out of people's luggage feeling up people's crotch.The BATFE is running guns into Mexico.This oporation has fueled violence along the southern borders so they can blame it on the people's right to keep and bear arms in an attempt to advance gun control.Last but not least to say our President is flying to Brazil and making his sports picks for the final four. He is doing this while our country is facing a crisis of radioactive fallout reaching our shores within days. They are all useless as tits on a bull. They are the real useless eaters who are a drain on the people.
               I find a little hope that the freshman tea party congressmen are revolting against new spending and keeping the government running till a budget can be constructed. If the US Government shuts down because it is broke. Let it happen. They are worse than a high maintenance woman. A least a woman who is really expensive to keep will say thank you at least and give something in return to keep money coming in. The US Government will never say thank you will act like a spoiled child wanting more and more.They are not doing any good for the American people anymore.They can not even do a simple service anymore that is for the benefit for the American people like secure our borders and shores. The only service they perform is putting there hands down our pants and stealing from our suitcase. Not the kind of service we want. They are disconnected from reality.
                  I say let it shut down and I would be very content if they never come up with a budget. They are not working for us anymore and they have become the real useless eaters that never produce.Shut down and We the people will have a party.



  1. Well said realman2020. I agree with you. Let the government shut down. Who cares, who needs 'em, they (US government) are useless bottom-feeders and 'we the people' would be well served were they all to f*@k off and die. Sorry, that's just me and how I feel at present.
    Maybe we could put your premise to a vote. Couldn't hurt you know. Hmmm and thinking about it, putting the premise to a vote might just take about forever and cost about a gazilion dollars and I've got exactly three dollars and that's all I have left.

  2. If Belgium can do it, then why the hell can't we??!!

  3. American's get the government they deserve.
    They love sports and entertainment more than their own freedom.
    Toleration can be one's demise.

    Those new Tea Party candidates still voted to pass the Michael Chertoff Patriot Act.
    I thought they were smart enough to know better.
    Actions speak louder than their words. Typical politicians. They make lawyers look honest.

    Land of the fee home of the slave.
    But who cares? There's a game on ESPN and then American Idol comes on.

    Lastly, if you find out you have cancer and take too much time in discussing your treatment options ... you will surely die.

    And the cabal continues to fleece America and it's treasury.

  4. What most do not realize is the gov has been shut down for a long time. The corp has been operating in disguise of gov. Let the Republic rise up and stand again. De-fund all the wasteful programs, NEA, NPR, Dept.of ED., fire all czars, de-fund all the employees that staff the czars, shut down EPA. Arrest barry soetero for his extended fraud of election by deceit and every complicit politician. Return our land to rule of law. Arrest Bernanke, Geithner for financial terrorism against the USA.

  5. idiot. you have no business being involved in politics in any way. gtfo.

  6. I remember the last time the federal government shut down. WIth all the screaming and pulling of hair in the lamestream media, you'd think the sky was raining brimstone and the ground was vomiting zombies. And yet it didn't make a damn bit of difference in my life -- I worked, I got paid, I traveled as I needed to, I cared for and protected my family, and I lacked absolutely nothing that I had before the hammer came down. Folks, we live in a state of anarchy every day with respect to the people we interact with all the time: our neighbors, our family, our co-workers -- none of us have the "right" to use force against any of the others, and yet everything works. People cooperate. Government is nothing but a protection racket that carries laminated ID cards.

  7. Henry Bowman, I've been saying the same thing for years and then my government proved me right two years in a row by proroguing parliament in Canada. It was exactly as you said, no one noticed they were gone, no one cared.

    Unfortunately, no one cares when you talk about solutions either, but that doesn't stop me. I know what needs to happen, I know what needs to be done, and I'll continue to talk about it. The hardest part is getting folks to co-ordinate and work together which is like herding cats, but that won't stop us. I don't advocate violence but I do tell folks we all have the right and the duty to defend ourselves once attacked.

    Remember Real Man that what you say makes waves and it may be six months from now or more but your words are going to make an impact on everyone who hears you. We're all leaders out there planting seeds, and we're patient, but we've also got a motor on our asses and we will make real change eventually.

    I really appreciate your site here and what you have to say, keep it up.

  8. You obviously do care, and so do I.

    Here's my contribution to documenting the problems.

  9. Take a couple minutes to view a short but entertaining YouTube video titled "The Tiny Dot" by Larken Rose. If the Tiny Dot shuts down, only good things will happen.

    Biscuits above said we should put this premise to a vote, but all elections are rigged. Vote with your wallet and stop feeding the tiny dot.

    Anon said, "Lastly, if you find out you have cancer and take too much time in discussing your treatment options ... you will surely die." In this country, the sick are allowed to be raped, robbed and killed with quackery, Holding off on this treatment will usually keep you alive and safe thanks to the AMA.

  10. My Pal Fred Reminded Me...Thursday, 17 March, 2011

    Government "shut down" is a joke. I've been through a couple. Everyone on the dole still get their checks. Laws are still enforced and whatever the military is doing still gets done.

    "Non-essential" personnel are sent home. But that means most of the people who sit around all day and make your life miserable get a paid vacation, because when the "shut down" is over, all the employees who were sent home still get a paycheck for the time they were gone.

    It's one big fucking joke on the American taxpayers.

  11. Or we could wait for this to happen:

  12. The United States is a CORPORATION posing as a government. See act of 1871. The corporation was created in deception and cannot be fixed!
    Join the Republic and stand together Americans!