Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Khadafy. Just as much the Villain Today as He was 30 Years Ago

          Articles scanned  from the St Pete Times Oct 9,1981 when Slain Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was being buried.They were saying Libyan Leader Khadafy was the scapegoat for the assassination. Not saying Khadafy was an angel. But it is strange how they always need a villain  to blame to suit the globalist agenda.


  1. Jct: I'm unaware of any crimes Khadafi ever committed, other than to be bad-mouthed by the yankee imperialists for escaping their clutches. Unfortunately, given the US media's habit of merely repeating lies, we really can't take these allegations of assassinations seriously. Tell me about CIA trying to assassinate him, sure, that's believable, but him assassinating Reagan, just more yankee disinformation. Remember, they framed Libya for Lockebie, why should we take the frame-up artists seriously now?

  2. Jct: I just love being the only person in the world who noticed he hasn't committed any crimes and his people the highest standard of living on the continent!

  3. Funny, I was just having this conversation with my S.O. last night.

    Me: the only information we have about Khadafy is what we've been fed by the western media.

    S.O.: But, but, I guess you're right, but...