Sunday, March 6, 2011

Texas Legislator Joins the Fight against the TSA

           With all the controversy of the TSA breaking laws left and right making traveling by airplane,trains and greyhound buses a nightmare. This government operated airport security has been stealing cash and other valuables from people luggage. These TSA workers grope travelers in a way a sworn peace officers can not get away with on the streets. the TSA has plans to roll out what they do in airport to the streets of America with high powered X-rays machines and full body scanners.They want to take DNA from people and make everything total control over the Americans. States like New Hampshire are moving against the TSA.
            The Texas legislator joined in the fight against the TSA with the full body scanners. The bill I see  needs to go farther stopping the illegal searches of luggage,full pat downs that is no more than sexual assault, I think throwing homeland security out all together be the best piece of legislation. Texas does not need the Department of Homeland Security. Texas can take care of itself. The DHS wants us to have their seal of approval to get a buy and sell. They are rolling out a total police state seeking to lord over the people. The State legislator needs to go farther than just the full body scanners.
            I say this because the we can not afford any half measures dealing with the Federal government's unconstitutional incursion. They have to go all the way or nothing. Not only with the DHS and TSA. They should start throwing out the EPA and start looking into alternative currencies to keep the state government functioning and the economy afloat countering hyperinflation. State legislators can not afford half measures anymore against a tyrannical government  that will go all the way if not stopped.Texas should go all the way too doing what it takes to stop the Federal government in their tracks.


  1. They're not the police, and aren't armed like the police. Just let them roll out those vans and see how long they last in some neighborhoods.

  2. Just pass a law that will explicitly protect people who defend themselves from TSA sexual assault, even if they have use deadly force.

  3. Any supporter of this bill is guaranteed to get my vote!

  4. We already HAVE plenty of good laws.
    First of all, there's the 4th Amendment.
    That should be enough right there.

    Most places, if someone lays hands on you unlawfully, that's assault. And you have a right to defend yourself against an assault. Not necessarily "lethal force" resistance, but certainly whatever degree of force becomes reasonably necessary to protect yourself.
    I believe there are some cases of citizens using lethal force against an unlawful arrest who were acquitted, too.
    I don't know what the law says in Texas, but it would be worth finding out.

    I hope the Texas legislature isn't all hat and no cattle on this one.

    Liberty & Justice,


  5. I agree with this bill entirely. I object, however, to the fact that it is being submitted to Texas legislators in a building illegally restricting access to citizens. Metal detectors at the doors of the Capitol building are unfair, insulting, and demoralizing. This is the People's building. Treating anyone who wants to enter it, whether a visitor or a person with a mission to change Texas, as a criminal is wrong. It is a violation of our rights to free access.

    Unless this congressman has the courage to object to Capitol metal detectors as well as TSA scanners he solves nothing. He sits behind the curtain of illusion while claiming to fight the good fight.

    I favor removal of ALL unjust and unnecessary intrusion of privacy everywhere. In fact, as a citizen I demand it!

    End tyranny. Texas NOW! Texas FOREVER!
    BE the Revolution!

    Ted Gresham, Director
    Texas Live and Local, Incorporated