Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drivers in Florida Detained for Paying Tolls in Cash

           This does not surprise me as the Department of Homeland Security rolls out a bunch of pilot programs. One if them putting out in the public. People who use cash rather than use a credit or debit cards might be a possible terrorist. I use to live in the Tampa Bay area and drove many times the Florida turnpike,over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge,The Veterans expressway and the Suncoast Parkway. I used exact change and larger bills to pay for my tolls without any questions asked.
            It does not come to a shock now hearing about a motorist using the Florida toll roads being detained for using cash in large bills. There is not a Federal mandate Florida will not follow. I put money on it that Homeland Security is behind this program questioning motorist who use cash in the form of big bills must be questioned. The motorist used a $100 dollar bill to pay for a $1 toll to pass through the booth. Florida toll workers been caught taking personal information about a person who uses a $20,$50,and $100 bills before they hand back the change. The Florida Toll Authority through good investigative journalism have uncovered a program requiring personal information for using a $20 bill to a $100 bill to pay for a toll. It would not surprise me if DHS is behind this. Now using cash rather than a credit card or debit card is suspicious now? I do not believe it will stop there. Pretty soon they might start taking information if a person using cash at all. I have seen at some of these toll booths are equipped with a debit/credit card kiosk to have the cost debited from a persons bank account by swiping there bank card. There is even the Florida SunPass program that is offered too were there is a transponder a person buys and can be prepaid. Instead of stopping to pay the toll with cash or coin. They pass under a sensor that reads the transponder in the car that deducts from the motorists prepayed account set up by the Florida Toll Authority,
         Using SunPass and having the means to use your ATM Debit/Credit card might sound convenient and easy since a person does not have to carry change before getting on a toll road. I have used both in the past and does take away some inconveniences passing through the booths. Do not have to worry about having the exact change.When we throw our change in the basket and missing.We do not have that worry looking for the change on the pavement if we miss the basket leaving many motorist behind you getting impatient.
          Now the downside of this. We have the REAL ID were in some states they are integrating bank account information to a persons Drivers license were they can use their state issued ID to buy and make transactions. It all sound good on the surface how technology makes life easier. The downside of this.If the Florida Toll Authority is now asking for personal information for using a $20 bill to pay a toll.Soon it will be any cash or coin people will be questioned so they can get people using there bank ATM card or credit cards.They can force people buying SunPass too as a discouragement of using cash too. Remember  Homeland Security is now saying people who use cash instead of  a debit or credit card might be a potential terrorist. All of this is a means to track and trace the movement of people using the transponder or debit cards if they can discourage people for using cash detaining motorist . It is about bringing us into the police state grid. When people use cash. Cash means privacy .There are people in government that seems to think they need to know everything we do,where we go and what we buy. Everybody start using cash to send a statement that our lives is none of the governments business. The more we use cash the more we can stay off the grid.

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  1. You can pay cash on all tolled motorways except the westlink M7, lane cove tunnel, sydney harbour bridge, sydney harbour tunnel and cross city tunnel - these are fully electronic.