Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remember the Alamo!

           Me and my children took a nice tour of Texas history yesterday. My first stop was Austin Texas on the south steps of the State capital to listen to many people talk about Texas independence. After the rally I took a drive to San Antonio Texas for the 175 anniversary of the battle of the Alamo. It was festive and a somber day because 189 men gave their lives for Texas independence. The Alamo had no military value as an incomplete Spanish mission. They fought to the death.
          Lt.Col Travis yesterday took his sword . He drew a line in the sand. That line in the sand was his level of commitment to do his duty to defend the Alamo. He was asking all 190 men are they committed? The men had three choices. Escape and be killed. be slaughtered if they surrendered and fight knowing they will not live through the battle. 189 men crossed that line in the sand the commander drew.Do we have that level of commitment the man who gave their lives at the Alamo had?
          Texas is not at a crossroad. Texas is at a fork in the road. What direction do we go?Do we stay in the union that does not respect the constitution or do we declare Independence. It was nice to see the Daughters of the Republic of Texas work hard to make the event a success. Do we have that level of commitment those 189 defenders of the Alamo had?

State Capital Rally

At the Alamo

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  1. The big brass plack inside the front door of the Alamo used to read "Gentelmen please remove your hats,you are entering the SHRINE of the birthplace of THE REPUBLIC of TEXAS" it was REMOVED because "IT WAS OFFENSIVE TO MEXICANS!!!!
    go figure.