Monday, March 14, 2011

Teachers Today Protest in Austin Texas on the Capital Steps about 10 Billion Dollar cut to Education

            First we have to get out of our heads that Texas has a 25billion dollar shortfall. I say we have to 25 billion dollar overcharge. We been hearing the teachers and state worker protesting in Madison Wisconsin protesting Governor Walker. We hear of these protest spreading to Ohio,Indiana and Michigan. Now it is coming to Austin Texas. The Texas State legislator is proposing 10 billion dollar cuts to education. This can teachers and school administrators worried.
             Today many teachers bused in from all around Texas are protesting the cuts on the capital steps of the State legislator protesting these cuts in the education budget. It would not surprise me if Gov Rick Perry is in bed with the Wall Street money addicts that Texas must pay the bankers. He is wrong. The people of Texas do not owe these debts for a bunch of money addicts made bad choices on Wall Street.
             This week in Texas.Some students are released from spring break for the week and I hope they will return back to class next week. If there is going to be any sacrifices. I say get rid of the top heavy bureaucracies of useless paper pushers and top administrators in these state agencies take a pay cut that make a six digit incomes that serve no purpose. Those are the real useless eaters.
             I support the Teacher on the capital steps in Austin because the State Legislator are not beholden to the Wall Street Bankers and are obligated to the people who elected them


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